Arcane Season 2: What We Know About It So Far?

Arcane is an animated action-adventure series. If you have seen Arcane Season 1, then you probably have been waiting for the release of Arcane season 2. But season 2 is a long way from getting released. The second season of this series is looming over the horizon with uncertainty. According to various sources, the Arcane season 2 release date might be in 2023. There is yet to be any official launch date announcement. So it is all about speculation about the show currently. Read on to explore more about the plot and other aspects of Arcane season 2. But it may have some spoilers, so proceed at your own discretion.

Arcane Season 2: The Plot

Some characters from Arcane season 1 might not be back in Arcane season 2. Characters like Cassandra and Mel should be such names. There have been some hints Cassandra might have died in the attack. Caitlyn and Jayce would pursue Jinx. Jayce may not keep his promise to give Zaun its liberty.

On the other hand, there is Vi, whom Caitlyn got close with. So season 2 Arcane will explore more about the relationship between Vi and Caitlyn. But the brewing war between Zaun and Piltover will likely take center stage in Netflix Arcane season 2. The rising tensions between these two nations were already evident in season 1. So it would not be a surprise if a full-fledged war began between them due to the percussions of Jinx’s attack. More would be revealed through the Arcane season 2 trailer.

Moreover, Ekko and Heimerdinger may collaborate to help undercity. These two clicked together for having a mutual interest in technology. This is what strengthened their bond and understanding. On the other hand, we have seen in season 1 that Viktor murdered his childhood buddy Sky. In season 2, he is expected to walk an even darker path. Viktor may utilize Hextech to enhance his body and physical capabilities cybernetically. We should wait for the Arcane season 2 teaser to know whether these speculations would meet the day of light in season 2.

What About The Cast?

If you wish to know ‘when is Arcane season 2 coming out, then you would be disappointed as no official announcement has been made regarding this matter. You can only know about the cast and other aspects. As per multiple sources, three characters in Arcane 2 have been confirmed; Katie Leung as Caitlyn, Ella Purnell as Jinx, Hailee Steinfeld as Vi, etc. These three characters from season 1 are safe from harm and will return to season 2. Nothing else can yet be said about the other cast of season 2. So if you wish to know ‘if will there be a season 2 of Arcane‘, the answer is affirmative. But not much is known about the cast yet.


You have probably got your answer to the question, ‘Will Arcane have a season 2?’. But you would get to explore more when the trailer or teaser gets released. Not even the trailer or teaser release date has been confirmed, let alone the Arcane season 2 release. If you are one of them, you would have to wait till 2023.

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