RWBY Arrowfell: A Game with Amazing Characters and Action

RWBY Arrowfell is the latest released game that has so many pros to discuss. This video game adaptation features charming characters and great action sequences that make it worth a shot. 2 major studios, Arc System Works and Wayforward, have collaborated to develop RWBY Arrowfell.

RWBY Arrowfell: The Plot

The story of RWBY Arrowfell revolves around the team RWBY, which consists of Yang, Blake, Weiss, and Ruby. The plot follows once they become complete Huntresses. On finding a mysterious orb on a mission, an increase in Grimm has been seen. These are nothing but creatures of destruction attracted to different negative emotions. The RWBY team proceeds to investigate the situation while going against team BRIR. Team BRIR is considered to be game-original characters. So RWBY: Arrowfell has a reasonably simple narrative that enables the game to split into several characters.

In RWBY Arrowfell, you are supposed to beat a boss at the end of every chapter to advance in the game. But before that, one has to complete fetch quest after fetch quest. Upon completing one fetch quest, you will get something necessary for the next fetch. The only thing is that the game may feel quite linear at times. The map of the RWBY switch game may sometimes feel daunting because it all may look the same. But you have the option to access different areas. Every turn is to bring you similar looking screen.

On the other hand, there are different ambushes on the map. It is essential to destroy waves of enemies while proceeding with this game.

Less Is Not More All the Time.

The developers of RWBY switch thought to take a minimalistic approach while designing this game. The genre of this game is Metroidvania, like a 2D side scroller. Characters of RWBY can mainly perform two things: striking twice and shooting a projectile. The true appeal of this game lies in its anime-like flashy action sequences. But it lacks the required variations in its animations.

To start with, this is beginner-friendly game. One can play RWBY games online for free. But at some point, it is difficult to proceed to the next step as the game does not explain them to the players.

More About the Game

RWBY Arrowfell release date was 15th November 2022. The simple combat style is one of the USPs of this game. All you need to do is slash, hack, and sometimes shoot. It is also possible to properly utilize the specific abilities of different characters. It does not do more than tap the attack button during combat. It is fun, and you can swap characters as per your need and preference.

If you wish to know what software does RWBY use, then the answer would be Smith Poser. It is used in the first 2 volumes. It has added several exciting upgrades in this game that have made the players’ experience exceptional. The style of it is unique. Sometimes it feels like you are watching an anime. Top-notch character design, impressive detailing, and unique gameplay make it worth a shot.


If you are a fan of RWBY anime, then you should proceed to play RWBY Arrowfell. Apart from excellent character design, this game’s gameplay is fantastic. There could be a few cons, but that pales compared to its pros. Once you play this action-adventure game, it will be quite an experience.

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RWBY Arrowfell: A Game with Amazing Characters and ActionRWBY Arrowfell: A Game with Amazing Characters and Action