Just Dance Nintendo Switch’s Fresh but Chaotic Game Series

The rhythm game you’ve been playing for years is Just Dance Nintendo Switch 2022. This year, however, the show features 40 new songs, numerous new universes, and some genuinely revolutionary choreography. Our Just Dance 2022 review discusses the newest songs, top tracks, trendiest worlds, and most challenging moves in the game.

Ubisoft’s Just Dance comes back to give you an annual dose of disco action. There are no surprises in Just Dance 2022 Switch. This game offers some decent dance entertainment but is also overly formulaic and aggressively pushes additional purchases in your face at every turn.

Just Dance Nintendo Switch Gameplay Review

So, if you want to know how to play Just Dance on switch? This is the answer for you. If you’ve played previous games in the series, Just Dance 2022’s gameplay won’t provide surprises. It’s simpler to follow some maneuvers where limbs or bodies overlap. The overall gameplay is the same as in Just Dance 2020 and 2021.

The Nintendo Switch Just Dance gameplay design is still fantastic, though. Selecting a song and getting dancing is simple, and it happens quickly. The creative choreographies make it simple for non-dancers to pick up the game, but once you start getting better, it’s simple to level up


For how does Just Dance work on Switch? It’s no secret that the scoring system in Just Dance Switch has several issues. Even if you haven’t danced, it’s simple to shake the joystick in time to the music and earn high scores; nevertheless, that weakness also highlighted another user-friendly feature of the game. People who use wheelchairs or have other physical limitations can easily use Just Dance 2022. Other dance games typically don’t offer less flexibility. There are also choreographies where the dancers stand still the entire time and only use their arms.

Although we valued the accessibility features, we were a bit let down by the game’s lack of various body types. Just Dance Unlimited, which comes with some versions of Just Dance 2022 and requires a subscription, has songs where the leading dancer has a larger body. The silhouettes of the dancers in the new songs are all tall and lean. Since real-world dancers and Just Dance players come in various sizes and shapes, it’s time to witness various body types.

Subscription Plans

A Just Dance Unlimited subscription is necessary if you intend to play Just Dance 2022 for more than a couple of hours. With the $75 Unlimited Edition of the game, a 13-month subscription is included. Each edition of Just Dance 2023 includes at least one month of Unlimited Use. However, to use it, you must create a Ubisoft Connect account. The Just Dance universe is open to you once Unlimited is configured.


We laughed a lot and perspired while playing Just Dance Nintendo Switch 2022, even while dancing alone in a deserted home. It’s okay if the model for this year has a few new features. Just Dance already has a fantastic idea. However, we anticipate the following iteration to feature more varied character models.

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Just Dance Nintendo Switch’s Fresh but Chaotic Game SeriesJust Dance Nintendo Switch’s Fresh but Chaotic Game Series