Violent Night Shows Santa at His Violent Best

Although it might seem unusual to release a violent thriller during Christmas, the makers of Violent Night just do that – give viewers the ghastly pleasure of violence and terror. Since the release of the Violent Night trailer, there has been public outcry about releasing a movie that promotes violence during the celebratory season. Still, Netflix has gone ahead with its release on December 2. With the holiday season just around, viewers had expected the film that centers on the Good Old Saint Nick to spread happiness and joy. Instead, this Santa displays cruelty and extreme violence that make viewers forget the saintly and kind character the world is familiar with. Although it might sound shocking but true, the Violent Night terrors unleashed by Santa are one of a kind.

Violent Night– Santa Depicted in a Different Light

The film is a dark and twisted tale about Santa Claus, who is not just about the candy, cookies, and his legendary laugh while thumping his belly. The filmmaker preferred to cast Santa in the Die Hard mold, as seen in the Violent Night trailer, which looked entertaining and promising.

The film is set in the Lightstone’s home, a wealthy family that has come together to celebrate Christmas. The family, headed by the fearsome matriarch Gertrude, a billionaire power broker, invited family members to the occasion, including Alva, her alcoholic daughter, and her son Jason. Jason is attending the party with his estranged wife Linda, only to spend the weekend together for the sake of their daughter Trudy. Alva has come with her family – her teenage son Bert, an influencer, and her second husband, Morgan Steele, an action star.

Instead of bonhomie, the family trades insults as the party gets underway, and the plot takes an unusual turn as a mercenary invades the mansion and holds the family hostage. Trudy has deep faith in Santa and looks upon him as a savior even though Jason, her father, tells her that Santa is an imaginary character that does not exist.

However, Santa, depicted as a self-loathing and booze-loving character, arrives at the scene riding his sleigh. As violence erupts, Santa gives up his initial thought of fleeing and launches a savage attack on the intruders to save Trudy, who is on his nice list. His training and appetite for intense violence stemmed from his pre-Santa days, which brought back glimpses of his gruesome acts. The Violent Night rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 69%.

The Cast

David Harbor playing Santa leads the Violent Night cast, supported by Beverly D’ Angelo as Gertrude, and John Leguizamo as Ben, the primary antagonist of the film portraying the leader of the mercenaries. Alex Hassel plays Jason’s son, and Alexis Louder plays the role of Jason’s wife.  The cast also includes Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, and Andre Eriksen.


Tommy Wirkola directs Violent Night, and Pat Casy and Josh Miller have written the story for the film now streaming on Netflix and making noises for the unconventional presentation of Santa Clause. Overall, this has been a good film to watch.

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Violent Night Shows Santa at His Violent BestViolent Night Shows Santa at His Violent Best