Front Mission 1st Remake: A Good Strategy RPG Classic Game

Front Mission 1st Remake is nothing but a remake of Front Mission 1st. On the other hand, from a technical viewpoint, Front Mission 1st is not considered the first Front Mission. The first one was the 2003 PS1 port of the 1995 Super Famicom game. So Front Mission 1st Remake can be regarded as the remake of a remake.

Front Mission 1st Remake: More About This Game

Front Mission 1st Remake has been developed and published by Forever Entertainment. The game was released on 30th November 2022. This is undoubtedly one of the best strategy RPG classic games released this year. The biggest difference between this game and its previous versions is that it is remade in 3D, yet it has all the necessary PS1 versions. The gameplay is the same to a great extent. As a player, you can get rid of the tweaks and set the game closer to its original setup.

The soundtrack of Front Mission 1st Remake has also been remastered. But this is not considered a significant change. You are allowed to switch back and forth between remastered and classic modes. Some players like some specific tracks, while others like something else. So it certainly depends on your personal preference and choice. The concept of this game is undoubtedly unique, and it also enables the players to opt for flexibility. The graphics have also been improved as compared to previous games.

The Plot

The plot of Front Mission kicks off in 2090. Unified Continental States (UCS) and Oceania Cooperative Union (OCS) share land on Huffman Island. While investigating a UCS base, the protagonist of the game, Royd, experiences his fiancee’s mech being blown to smithereens.

Then the story of Front Mission 1st Remake further propagates to reach the bottom of what happened to Karen. UCS’s campaign is undoubtedly tougher with all its melodrama. But it is a great chance and experience for the players to find the complete story.

A modern soundtrack has been added to the game. You can opt for the original classic soundtrack. Forever Entertainment has done a fantastic job translating audio to modern sensibilities. But at the same time, they have retained retro and originality.

The storylines have been carefully intertwined. The Wanzers are considered to be the star of the shows. You would get to see giant robots smashing into each other. These hulking war machines engage in combat.

Front Mission 1st switch represents a guilty perspective on war. The framework might be great, but it is nothing new. This game has a good pace, and the aspect of war certainly acts as a good backdrop.

The Design

The design of the new Front Mission game has been great. You are supposed to find four weapon slots along with body parts to switch effectively. Melee, along with other standard weapons, comes with short ranges. So you are supposed to position your body well to make the best use of such weapons in your favor.


Front Mission 1st Remake is a faithful adaptation of its original Front Mission remake. This game has a unique storyline. The characters and weapons have been designed uniquely to bring a fresh breath of air. If you are looking for a new strategy RPG game, then this one should certainly be on your bucket list.

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Front Mission 1st Remake: A Good Strategy RPG Classic GameFront Mission 1st Remake: A Good Strategy RPG Classic Game