Exploring Space Becomes Easier With Vaonis Vespera Telescope

Do you need a “smart telescope” right away? The interest in astronomy and space has never been higher, but if you’ve ever bought a telescope, you know that they can be challenging to put up and frequently provide subpar night sky views. By giving you a smart device that connects to your smartphone or tablet to direct you to exciting sections of the night sky and take pictures of them, the Vaonis Vespera telescope hopes to increase public interest in astronomy.


The Vaonis Stellina smart telescope, which we reviewed back in 2018, was followed by the Vaonis Vespera. Vespera’s main selling point is that it will be far less expensive and hence more widely available. The Vespera, which had a successful Kickstarter campaign, Vespera telescope price of $1,499 when it goes on sale in the spring of 2022, while the Stellina costs $3,999.

Design of the Smart Vespera Telescope

The Vespera is a refractor with a modest 50mm aperture comparable to binoculars for stargazing. It has an almost futuristic style and resembles a smartphone accessory. It is an ice-white, slender, curving object roughly the size of a game console.

The Vespera is not particularly large on the outside, and if it is incredibly portable you get the extra bag. When you launch the Singularity app, a motorized arm tucked into the curving chassis on one side starts to move. On the opposite side, a centrally situated round button is surrounded by red, green, and blue LEDs.


Three great technological slabs—star pattern recognition software, image live stacking technology, and a superb app—make up The Vespera. Within few minutes of it being turned on, the Vespera’s image sensor, a Sony IMX462, takes images and stacks them one on top of another in front of your eyes with a target in its crosshairs.

On the Singularity app, you can see this noise-canceling process as an image of a nebula becoming crisper, and more colorful.

The software instructs you on how long to let Vespera image a target, but you are free to choose. Star clusters frequently appear fantastic after a few seconds and don’t become less detailed with subsequent imaging. Waiting for galaxies is worthwhile, and waiting for nebulae is fruitful. You may save the picture online, in the app, or in the photo app for your camera.


  • The Vaonis Vespera smart telescope is absurdly simple to configure and calibrate.
  • The fantastic Singularity app, which adapts its many suggested objects to observe based on the user’s precise time and location, serves as the foundation for the entire experience.
  • The Vespera’s 7,000 mAh battery barely lasts for four hours. Therefore, the user will likely need to connect the charging connection both before and during an observation. It’s a good idea to maintain a sizable portable battery close by.
  • Conclusion

The Vaonis Vespera is simpler than most novice telescopes and produces better results. The Vespera telescope is a novel and impressive way to glimpse deep-sky phenomena. The Vaonis Vespera is perfect for beginning amateur astronomers or casual stargazers.

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Exploring Space Becomes Easier With Vaonis Vespera TelescopeExploring Space Becomes Easier With Vaonis Vespera Telescope