What We Know About A24’s New Romance Thriller: Stars at Noon?

A24, a studio that produces independent entertainment, is anticipating a busy 2022. Bodies, a slasher about a scheming group of friends; Marcell the Shell with Shoes, an animated comedy starring Jenny Slate; and The Stars at Noon, a suspenseful romance thriller, are other A24 films slated for release this year.

The studio behind blockbusters like Ex Machina and Hereditary just recently published the genre-defying Everything Everywhere All at Once and the slasher X in the style of the 1970s. Here’s a look at the Stars at Noon review, including what is currently known about the plot, cast, and crew, with the latter’s debut just around the corner.

What is the Stars at Noon Story’s Plot?

A young American journalist stuck in modern-day Nicaragua (Margaret Qualley) falls for an intriguing Englishman (Joe Alwyn), who appears to be her best hope of escaping. She soon realizes that more danger may lie ahead for him than for her. The story has been inspired from the book by Denis Johnson.


In the teaser for Claire Denis’s sizzling romantic thriller Stars at Noon, Joe Alwyn and Margaret Qualley invite you on the adventure of a lifetime. The new a24’s new romance thriller Stars at Noon trailer introduce Alwyn as Daniel, an “Enigmatic Englishman” who meets Qualley’s Trish, a “young American journalist,” while they are both traveling to Nicaragua for “charitable” purposes. As the two start a love affair by chance, the trailer establishes a passionate and sensual tone.

Streaming Devices

The question ‘where can I watch the Stars at Noon’ may pop up in your mind. So, you can watch the movie Stars at Noon at nearby theatres and on online platforms. Stars at Noon streaming platforms are-

Cast List

The Stars at Noon have so many popular casts in the movie. Joe Alwyn plays Daniel, the leading guy in the film, and Margaret Qualley plays Trish. Robert Pattinson was initially expected to play Daniel but dropped out of the production due to schedule issues. Then, the Kingsman actor Taron Egerton was scheduled to take his place.

Premiere Date

A24, Ad Vitam, and Wild Bunch will distribute The Stars at Noon, which will make its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 25, 2022. The Stars at Noon release date in theatres was December 2, 2022.


The Stars at Noon is a romantic suspense novel based on the 1986 Denis Johnson novel of the same name that takes place in 1984 Nicaragua under Sandinista authority. The story centers on Trish, a young and struggling American journalist stuck in Nicaragua, and Daniel, a shady English businessman who has just moved there. The two fall in love intensely, but when intrigues and evil schemes complicate their relationship, they must work together to flee the perilous nation.

The Stars at Noon will compete for the festival’s most coveted Palme d’Or award at the 75th edition of the international film festival alongside Showing Up and many other films. Denis and A24 have both before on the verge of winning.

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What We Know About A24’s New Romance Thriller: Stars at Noon?What We Know About A24’s New Romance Thriller: Stars at Noon?