Review of HP Laptop 17: A Big Laptop With a Modest Price Tag

Are you seeking a laptop that can accommodate your creative and productive needs? Here’s a review of the HP Laptop 17 that will help you decide if you should buy it.

We’ll go through the specifics of the laptop’s functionality and salient features. You will learn more about the laptop’s performance concerning its CPU, graphics card, RAM, and battery life. After this evaluation, you will have the knowledge you need to make your purchase decision. In the end, you’ll determine whether the HP 17″ laptop is worth your consideration.


HP has its hands on both ends of the laptop spectrum, whether you’re talking about high-end workstations or inexpensive laptops for everyday use. The HP laptop 17-inch is a cost-effective device starting at $499.99.

HP Laptop 17 Design

An appealing laptop with a straightforward design is the HP Laptop 17. Because of its understated appearance, you can confidently use the laptop in a professional atmosphere. The aluminum chassis of this laptop is slick and beautifully crafted. The HP 17-inch laptop is not entirely made of metal, though.

Like its aluminum components, its underbelly is composed of plastic and has a mild silver finish. As a result, it appears to be entirely formed of aluminum. Additionally, the keyboard deck of the HP Laptop 17 has the same Silver color scheme throughout. The actual keyboard is silver in color. This laptop’s spacious keyboard is made possible by its size. Because of this, typing on the laptop is cozy. The touchpad keeps the same silver color scheme as well. Since HP 17-inch laptop touch screen is a little bit wider than a standard touchpad, it feels roomy for swiping and is sufficiently sensitive. A laptop with a huge screen should, of course, be rather large. With this laptop, this is precisely true.

Battery Life

The HP Laptop 17 does simple multitasking well. Nevertheless, cramming the laptop with too many tasks causes it to lag. The 3-Cell 41 Wh battery for the HP Laptop 17 is included. According to HP, the battery life of this laptop is up to 6 hours with moderate use. Additionally, they assert that it can play video for up to 7 hours and 45 minutes. On a battery test, the HP Laptop 17 did not survive more than 5 hours and 15 minutes. Continuous online browsing and simple computer operations were used to test it.


The HP Laptop 17 is a wise purchase in terms of entry-level computers. Although it might not be the lightest of these options, you get a well-rounded machine that can fill various needs for the price. This laptop can handle all your responsibilities, whether work tasks that demand you to switch between several programs or study tasks that include hours of web browsing.

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Review of HP Laptop 17: A Big Laptop With a Modest Price TagReview of HP Laptop 17: A Big Laptop With a Modest Price Tag