Finding Paradise – A Worthy Successor of ‘To the Moon’ Game

Finding Paradise is a sequel to the ‘To the Moon’ game, which remains a favorite game for many avid gamers. The story follows a similar pattern to the original game in the emotional complexities, passionate and funny at times that ends in a tear-jerker. However, the Finding Paradise game will make you think, wonder, and laugh and ultimately finish with a sad smile on your face, but it will never make you cry aloud. The game is available on Windows PCs, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and Nintendo. Users can access the Finding Paradise switch. While drawing comparisons with the original game seems inevitable, one has to admit that the new game does not reach the same highs. However, a worthy game takes you back to the dream universe where people are desperate to live their memories that would remain unreal forever.

Finding Paradise – The Storyline

Those who have seen the Finding Paradise trailer have some idea about the storyline that again follows doctors Neil Watts and Eva Rosalene, who are back with Sigmund Corp’s artificial memory machine ready to fulfill the wishes of Colin Reid, a man in deep comatose stage lying in his deathbed. The doctor duo is in the business of granting the wishes of dying people, no matter how unrealistic it might be, by implanting memory chips in their minds to evoke memories that never happened. The task is tricky because they must search for personal and significant mementos to dive deeper into Reid’s subconscious while ensuring they leave many of his happier memories intact. To buy the game, you must search for steam Finding Paradise and log in to the website that stores the entire Freebird Games franchise, the game developer.

Strong Story and Gameplay

The moral complexities of the story experienced into the Moon are present in the sequel too. The pride derived from using technology to alter the memories of a dying person gives enough food for thought as the game unfolds through the five- hours run time. The game has ample doses of fun references and witty banter that allow players to spend some great time in the company of Eva and Neil, and the rest of the cast. Moreover, plenty of references, clever asides, and nods to other games are available in the mix that players can pick out.

Despite the narrative falling short of reaching the great heights of the original game, the narrative is powerful, and although the gameplay is simplistic, it’s highly engaging. As players search for mementos, they remain engrossed in the game while exploring, chatting, and playing sliding match 3 puzzles, allowing them to continue telling the tale without any hindrance.

Playing the game on Switch provides the option of touchscreen control, and tapping the screen triggers the desired actions, whether cycling through text boxes or interacting with objects. However, issues with the performance of the RPG maker engine remain a concern for those setting very high expectations about Finding Paradise.

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Finding Paradise - A Worthy Successor of ‘To the Moon’ GameFinding Paradise - A Worthy Successor of ‘To the Moon’ Game