Astro A30: An Amazing Gaming Headset With High-Quality Sound

Astro A30 wireless is the latest released headphone, an upgraded version of its A20 model. This gaming headset has some great qualities, such as excellent sound quality and comfortable fit. It perfectly accomplishes the things for which it was designed in the first place. The sound quality feels distinctively clear and unique for music, TV, movies, and games. So Astro A30 can be used everywhere. The stylish design and look are other positive aspects you should consider if you wish to buy this one.

Astro A30: Design

The design of Astro A30 is unique and premium. The lightweight and sleek design are enough to attract potential buyers’ attention. The subtle and stylish touch would ensure its premium look and aesthetic.

Astro A30 is available in two different colors, white and black. It has a plastic chassis and an extendable plastic headband that enhances its premium wireless look. This compact headset aesthetically flourishes in the best way possible.


Apart from the Astro® A30 audio system, comfort is another essential aspect that makes this headset stand out. You can comfortably wear this headset for long hours at a stretch for work or gaming sessions. You will never feel even a little bit of discomfort during this extended use. The plush earcups create a tight seal without making your ears sweat. But the adjustable headband does not come with any numbers or notches, so you will have to find a consistent fit. This could be a little difficult for you.


The Astro A30 headset stands out among other premium gaming headphones if it is about game performance. Whether you use Bluetooth or USB, its soundscape is supposed to feel immediate and rich. The clarity is undoubtedly unprecedented. Despite being a little heavier on treble than bass, it perfectly works fine for most games. Going for Astro A30 PS4 would surely be effective and valuable for you as a gamer. This headset also properly balances voice, music, and sound effects. So overall, this headset is perfect for music and other multimedia.


Among many features of Astro A30 wireless, one unique feature is that you can connect this device to any system in your house. It can be used compatibly with PlayStation, Switches, or PCS with the help of a USB-A dongle. On the other hand, it can connect to Smart TVs, iOS phones, and Android devices via Bluetooth.

Astro headset A30 has two mics, one internal mic, and one removable boom mic. The internal mic is activated automatically if the boom mic is not around. Several users reported that the internal mic fails to operate in several instances. But the boom mic makes up for it.


If you want a solid gaming headset with a premium look and comfortable fit, then choosing Astro A30 would surely be a wise choice for you. This is considered to be the first choice for most buyers out there. The high-quality soundscape is ideal for using this headset for anything like watching a movie, playing games, or doing your computer work. Compared to its pros, it has a few cons that make it a perfect purchase.

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Astro A30: An Amazing Gaming Headset With High-Quality SoundAstro A30: An Amazing Gaming Headset With High-Quality Sound