Plug Adapter- The Top Ones for International Travel

As the world has become a global village traveling across countries has gone up many times. People constantly move from one place to another and carry various electronic devices and gadgets like computers, tablets, smartphones, speakers, hair dryers, and many other items. However, you will need a plug adapter to use electronic items in different countries. Plug adapters are highly versatile for plugging in electrical and electronic devices of different country standards with complete ease. Carrying a travel-ready adapter which is universal, is a must when you travel to another country that may follow a different electrical standard.

This article highlights some of the best travel electricity converters that can make its selection easy for you. Many of these are available online across the e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Epicka universal travel adapter

The Epicka Universal Travel Adapter is the best because of its immense versatility from some of the best features packed in the small device. Besides a US-style plug, the compact and well-built adapter has the three most widely used international plugs. The adapter should be helpful in the majority of countries around the world. It’s a USB adapter plug with several USB ports – one USB C port and four ports of standard USB-A. The fast-charging device has a spare and a replaceable fuse that can take care of any unfortunate accidental bad connections. The Epica adapter is the best-buy international power adapter, without any doubt.

Ceptics international worldwide travel plug adapter 5-piece set

The plug adapter has 5 tiny plug adapters that mate with it. Small, cheap, and simple, they are ideal for those with a multiport USB wall charger and can travel light. The set contains the US plug and the three standard international plugs. Moreover, it also includes a rarer plug with two thick cylindrical prongs.

If you pick the correct plug adapter, you can travel to more countries with the Ceptic adapters.

Zendure Passport III

The Zendure all-in-one travel adapter has a box-like design with sliding toggles to switch between European, British and American plugs while covering 200 countries. An auto-resetting fuse in the adapter with a 10 amp limit protects your gadgets from power surges. The absence of the grounding feature makes the adapter unsuitable for use with any device with three pins, of which the third one is a metal grounding pin on the plug. The adapter has 4 USB-C ports with a single USB-A port and an AC socket, thus allowing the simultaneous charging of six devices. The adapter can increase the power output of the USB-C ports up to 65 watts which can charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro in less than two hours.

The Zendure plug adapter thus doubles up as a charger for your laptop, providing much relief in case you forget to carry the laptop’s charger.

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