Strange World, an Audacious New Disney Animated Film Review

Many people often associate the holiday season with family and spending time with loved ones. Well, it was a brilliant move by Walt Disney Animation Studios to release Strange World right before American Thanksgiving. The Strange World film is not only built on the idea of multigenerational family relations but also makes a good choice for new viewers.

Even before Strange World hit the big screen, Disney was in danger. The film, a unique sci-fi adventure story, debuted to less than $30 million during the five-day Thanksgiving holiday stretch, which was a dismal start. Things only got worse from there. The film Strange World records an $18.9 million loss due to negative word of mouth.

Did You Watch the Trailer?

Strange World’s first teaser trailer, as is common for the first trailers of new animated Disney movies, chooses to market itself on its aesthetics rather than flaunt its tale and what kinds of imagery they contain.

Disney Strange World‘s initial and follow-up teaser trailers were accessible online on September 21. This trailer significantly improved viewers’ understanding of the film’s main plot.

On October 19, a third “special look” or trailer for Strange World was made available online. Although it doesn’t necessarily reveal anything new, the teaser clarifies that the movie’s centerpiece will be the generational contrasts among the three Clades.


An all-star cast plays the lead role in Strange World. The main character’s voice, Searcher Clade, will be provided by Jake Gyllenhaal from Spider-Man: Far From Home. Our primary hero will indeed have depth because of his outstanding acting skills.

Alan Tudyk will also be seen in the film, extending his streak of appearing in every Walt Disney Animation production that began with Wreck-It Ralph, according to the Disney Strange cast announcement.

When Strange World Would Be Available?

On November 23, Strange World made its debut only in US theatres. In the UK, the film opens in theatres on November 25. The date the movie will be released on digital platforms still needs to be discovered. However, when it goes live, anticipate Strange World Disney Plus to remain its streaming home.


The main character of Strange World is The Searcher Clade, a member of the Clade family whose legendary exploits make them the greatest explorers ever to have lived. But Searcher doesn’t seem to be interested in following in his family’s footsteps; instead, he favors leading a quiet life as a farmer instead of an explorer’s excessively noisy, unpredictably dangerous, and adventurous life.

In the Strange World movie, When Searcher and his family discover a universe that defies explanation and essentially defies the fundamental established principles of nature that might change for him. Searcher and the rest of his family are worlds apart regarding how they deal with conflict and danger. Still, if they want to genuinely experience what this unexplored territory has to offer, they’ll need to put that unimportant family drama aside.

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Strange World, an Audacious New Disney Animated Film ReviewStrange World, an Audacious New Disney Animated Film Review