Fitbit Sense 2 – A Superb Wellness-Focused Fitness Watch

The Fitbit Sense 2 gives more stress to stress management and is one of the most advanced smartwatch health monitors that sense your physical stress and mood. The new sensors, including an optical heart rate sensor and skin temperature sensor, add more sensitivity and sense to the popular smartwatch. The earlier versions of the watch tried to give even more focus to lifestyle and wellness. But the latest version narrows down the focus exclusively on wellness which helps to distinguish it easily from its parent Google’s Pixel Watch. To ensure an exclusive focus on wellness, the watchmaker removed several lifestyle apps that also helped lower the price. Moreover, the new watch has several improvements, including a new design, features, and a physical button. The touchscreen is more responsive, and the battery life is slightly better.

Fitbit Sense 2 – Design and Performance

Although the new smartwatch has a simple rounded square case design, the marks of sophistication are pretty evident in the stunning AMOLED display. The subtle appeal of the watch speaks volumes about the minimalist style with enough hints about comfortable wear. In terms of capabilities, the watch performs as expected of a smartwatch and is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. It can track activities accurately and has superb stress-tracking features, many other health features, and excellent sleep-tracking abilities. It’s a fantastic watch if you accept the range of tracking it offers, but you might feel disappointed if you expect it to perform like an all-rounder device that blends fitness and smartwatch features.

The advanced smartwatch has tools for stress management and monitoring heart health, besides keeping a watch on overall health.

Release and Availability

Since Sense 2 has been available since September, it might be irrelevant to discuss the Fitbit Sense 2 release date now. The top-end fitness watch is there for everyone to see, and it stops all Fitbit Sense 2 rumors that were doing the rounds before the official announcement about the release.  The release of Sense 2 comes after two years after the original made its mark across the smartwatch segment.

You can buy the watch from the Fitbit Sense stores online or any other retail outlet that offers the watch. Your convenience matters most in choosing the store, and you can buy it online, too.

Exclusive Focus On Stress Management

Stress management is central to Sense 2, differentiating it from other fitness watches that monitor overall health and have many features. It’s also the reason for the main upgrade in the watch that now includes a new Body response sensor that continuously measures EDA (electro-dermal activity) to facilitate all-day stress-tracking while triggering notifications. When you feel stressed, the watch asks you how you feel and offers suggestions to lower stress.

The heart monitoring abilities of the Fitbit Sense 2 get a boost from the feature of taking ECG measurements. However, the absence of Google Assistant might hurt some users.

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Fitbit Sense 2 - A Superb Wellness-Focused Fitness WatchFitbit Sense 2 - A Superb Wellness-Focused Fitness Watch