Wild Crime: The Second Season Streamed on Hulu in October

Wild Crime is an original crime docuseries series that streamed on Hulu. After the successful run of the series’ first season, Wild Crime season 2 premiered on October 24 and streamed four episodes until October 26.   Crimes committed across the American National Parks motivated the series makers to chronicle some notable crimes committed in the regal wilderness and the top-class detectives investigating those crimes. With millions of visitors to the US national parks every year, criminal activities are bound to happen, which is a rich source of content for crime series makers.

Wild Crime – The Plot of Season 2

The second season of Wild Crime Hulu is about unraveling the truth about Jane Doe’s identity, supposedly killed at Yosemite National Park. A tourist discovering a decaying hand at the park sparks questions among the criminal investigators. Strangely, no additional remains were found, nor were there any missing person reports.  Criminal investigators Kim Tucker and Don Coelho of the National Park Service tried to unearth the missing lady’s identity and determine whether she was murdered. Tucker and Coelcho learned about a notorious Texas serial killer who claimed to be behind the killing but didn’t disclose any details about the victim’s identity. Lack of more evidence and not knowing the victim’s identity prevented the prosecution of the killer until four decades later, Tim’s son Cullen Tucker used new DNA science to establish Jane Doe’s identity.

Wild Crime Episodes

A Gruesome Discovery (1st episode) – The discovery of a decaying human hand by visitors to Yosemite National Park in 1983 leads investigators Kim Tucker and Don Coelho to start an investigation. They cannot make any headway as there are neither clues nor missing person reports. Suddenly, Coelho and Tucker learn that a Texas serial killer Henry Lucas claimed to have killed the victim. AS Henry admits to more killings, the investigators decide to interview Lucas to find some breakthrough in their case.

A Suspect – Henry Lucas, confesses to the investigators about strangulating a female hitchhiker in Yosemite National Park. Although Don and Tim could find some evidence that matched the death in the park, the case could not progress much as there were no new leads. There was no chance of prosecuting Lucas, whose confessions about scores of murders later proved false and added more doubts. The case went into the cold, and Don and Tim moved on.

The Skull – The discovery of a human skull at Yosemite four years after the case went cold was sensational. There was no proof that the hand and skull had no connection. After many decades, Tim’s son was assigned the case.  Aftermost 40 years, he finally identified Jane Doe using DNA science.

The Victim’s Story– The last episode is about Jane’s early life and childhood.  In her spiritual quest, she started living in Yosemite, where her perpetrators killed her.

Global viewers could watch Wild Crime streamed on Hulu.

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Wild Crime: The Second Season Streamed on Hulu in OctoberWild Crime: The Second Season Streamed on Hulu in October