Audeze LCD 5: Here is an Amazing Premium Quality Headphone for You

Audeze LCD 5 is the newest headphone in the LCD series of Audeze. This headphone comes with a comfortable, lightweight design and excellent features. If you are a fan of ultra-tight bass, this is the headphone you should settle for.

Audeze LCD 5 is hyper-detailed due to it being a premium-quality headphone. Compared to previous LCD series models, this headphone has improved. Transformed sound from bottom to top, updated drivers, and a substantial weight cut are the essential improvements. This model is the most disruptive and radical model of Audeze to date.

Audeze LCD 5: Design

Audeze LCD 5 comes with a lighter and smaller design. Compared to other LCD models, it gets rid of wooden earcup rings that used to be iconic. But the latest acetate enclosure provides a fantastic visual contrast, color, and gloss finish. Matte grills offer more depth than before. Smoother edges and rounded angles ensure a premium look.

As far as weight is concerned, Audeze LCD 5 is relatively lightweight. So it is easier to handle and use. It’s more comfortable than its previous headphones.

More on It

As per Audeze LCD -5 review, the latest headband design in this headphone comes with a carbon-fiber spring which offers proper adjustment to the user. Moreover, the X-frame design provides torsional flexion to increase further adjustability. Its supple and slim leather strap comes with a breathable perforated design.

The pads of this planar magnetic headphone look slim and provide a good depth. Its angled design is there to offer comparatively more internal dimension. On top of that, a mesh material covers waveguides.


There are integrated sliders into the headband of Audeze headphones. It is sturdier and contributes to clamp-force distribution. These sliders are securely attached to hangers.

Audio and sound

Apart from the excellent Audeze LCD -5 specs, the sound and audio quality are other pros of this headphone. The clarity of the sound is one of the other highlighting aspects of the headphone. The several aspects regarding frequency response are considered excellent. For example, high-quality bass, midrange, and treble make the audio quite clear and soothing. Audeze has done a great job here. It is suitable for listening to all types of music according to your preference.


Audeze LCD 5 should be your first preference if you search for excellent-quality headphones. Some significant features are great packaging, a unique look, and high-quality craftsmanship—moreover, the transparent and airy sound.

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Audeze LCD 5: Here is an Amazing Premium Quality Headphone for YouAudeze LCD 5: Here is an Amazing Premium Quality Headphone for You