Retro Goal: An Amazing Sports Game With Unique Features

Retro Goal is a retro-style sports game developed by New Star Games. This game comes with quite a similar feel and style to Retro Bowl. It has many features and functionalities that make gamers’ experiences quite fun.

Retro Goal: Summary

Retro Goal is an exciting and fast arcade soccer game. You are supposed to play the first ten matches for free before being able to unlock the rest of the game. You get the accuracy of modern touchscreen controls and excellent graphics in this game. A player can choose any team in any league and start playing it.


The gameplay of Retro Goal is relatively smooth, 95% of which is focused on attack. But a player also has chances to win the ball in a defensive content. You can pass and shoot effectively. This game allows you to maneuver the attacking player in 360-degree motion efficiently. A player can also move sideways, up and down, whenever needed.

The difficulty in finishing crosses is one glitch you should be aware of before playing Retro Goal. So overall, the gameplay has been quite remarkable. You will have a pleasant experience while playing it.

Career Mode Options

While playing Retro Goal Online, you can improve back-office statistics like your academy, training facilities, or stadium. If you can win matches and make good PR decisions, you will get more coins, which you can upgrade faster.

There are other ways to spend your coins. You can also hire staff with different expertise and quality. Having better staff means players are to get better service and solutions. On the other hand, you are also allowed to sign and transfer different players. Buying better players will ensure that you win more matches. As a result, you would earn more coins, which would be highly beneficial.

More About the Game

You may want to know whether or not Retro Goal Free. With this game, you are supposed to get ten free career matches. Once you are done playing these ten matches, then you are required to pay to get access to the full version. You can also start a new career.

Most of the players prefer to progress with career mode. You can buy this game as it costs very little. Retro Goal Game is available at $1.99. Buying this game would be a unique experience while costing less.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you should play Retro Goal depends on your preference and choice. If you are looking for a football game with exciting features that cost less, then you must go for Retro Goal. As far as gameplay is concerned, this is one of the best football games. The difficulty level is good enough to make your gaming experience amazing. The career mode option is a fantastic feature of this game. So overall, this game is highly recommended.

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Retro Goal: An Amazing Sports Game With Unique FeaturesRetro Goal: An Amazing Sports Game with Unique Features