Disenchanted: Long-Awaited Sequel to Disney’s 2007 Fantasy Film

Disenchanted is the sequel to the popular Disney fantasy movie ‘Enchanted’, released in 2007, propelling Amy Adams’s career. The sequel, Disenchanted, has been directed by Adam Shankman. The genre of this movie can be classified as fantasy adventure animation.

Disenchanted: The Cast

The Disenchanted cast has been great. There are few notable actors and actresses that have acted in this movie. Like the original movie, Amy Adams acted as the movie’s main character. The cast includes Alan Tudyk, Gabriella Baldacchino, Ann Harada, Idina Menzel, Jayma Mays, Oscar Nunez, etc. All have played their roles quite beautifully. This is the reason, Disenchanted has been a treat to the eyes as far as acting is concerned. The Disenchanted release date was 16th November 2022.

The Plot

The plot of Disenchanted revolves around Giselle (acted by Amy Adams). 15 years have passed since Robert (acted by Patrick Dempsey) and Giselle married. But Giselle was not happy and comfortable with city life. So she decides to move with her family to Monroeville’s suburban community to get a fairytale-like life. But things were not exactly as she thought. There are many rules to follow in Suburbia. On top of that, Malvina Monroe (acted by Maya Rudolph), the local queen bee, makes Giselle’s life difficult. It would be beneficial for you to explore Disenchanted meaning before watching the movie.

After getting frustrated with all this, Giselle decides to go for the magic of Andalasia to make things easy for her and her family. But upon doing so, she accidentally transforms the entire town into a real-life fairy tale world. It puts the lives of her family in jeopardy. In such a situation, Giselle is racing against time to find a solution to reverse the spell to undo everything. The Disenchanted movie perfectly depicts the journey and turmoil that she goes through.

More About the Film

Disenchanted is not similar to the original film, Enchanted. This movie does not necessarily deconstruct fairy tales to show what happens after the happily ever after the conclusion of the previous movie. The Disenchanted film is rather more about parenting. Compared to its previous film, this one comes with a grown-up theme that makes the movie less enjoyable in some aspects. The color tone of the movie is to attract children. This is how Disney has tried to capture the market of both young and old generations of audiences.

The songs used in this movie have been decent. Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken have designed Disenchanted lyrics and music. This movie’s live-action and animation have been spectacular. After the Disenchanted initial release, it got positive reviews and feedback from viewers.


If you are looking forward to getting the answer to the question, when is Disenchanted coming out, then you should know that this movie has already been released. If you are a fan of Disney movies or you have watched the movie, Enchanted, then you must watch Disenchanted. This short fantasy film is a treat to the eyes due to its fantastic animation and visuals. The story is also compelling. The cast’s solid performance is another reason to watch this movie.

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Disenchanted: Long-Awaited Sequel to Disney’s 2007 Fantasy FilmDisenchanted: Long-Awaited Sequel to Disney’s 2007 Fantasy Film