An Overview of the Samsung Odyssey Ark Curved Gaming Monitor

The 55-inch Samsung Odyssey Ark Curved UHD Gaming Monitor is a TV-sized computer display that was created to do a few things: make games look incredible, serve as both a computer display and a television, and provide enough screen space to eliminate the need for a multi-screen computer setup.

Samsung has done a great job carrying out the first two challenging objectives. This 55-inch 16:9 format monitor’s extra vertical area is surprisingly absorbing, and the vivid screen makes games appear detailed and vast.

For the first time in a gaming monitor, Samsung’s Tizen Smart TV OS is integrated into the 55-inch Odyssey monitor, making it just as simple to stream Netflix and other entertainment as it is to launch your favorite game.

Pricing and Availability

The 55-inch Samsung Odyssey Ark price is $3,499. You can easily get this product if you live in the United States or the United Kingdom. In the US, there were now deals for $200 off select peripherals and parts that would work well with the PC you want to use with it. Samsung has prices affordable in the UK rather than including any discounts with purchases.

Australians can place a direct order for the 55-inch Samsung Odyssey Ark price at AUD$4,499 from Samsung or their nearby Harvey Norman location. Samsung Odyssey Ark release date on shelves as of November 1 after shipping started on October 31.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Design and Display

It may not come as a surprise that Samsung chose to take a chance on a TV-sized curved gaming display in a 16:9 format, given the success of its constantly expanding line of ultrawide curved gaming monitors. This Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch screen is essentially a curved TV with a sturdy screen mount that lets you adjust the panel’s height, tilt, and even rotation by a full 90 degrees for a vertical cockpit mode orientated. This isn’t wildly out of the ordinary for a monitor, but it is for a 41.5kg, 55-inch desktop display.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch display looks impressive on paper and frequently does so in use. Overall, we discovered that the display was unsatisfactory for other types of multimedia and was great for gaming and tolerable for office tasks.


The Samsung Ark‘s 4K resolution, 165 Hz refresh rate, and HDR capabilities may not come as a surprise, given how amazing games appear on it. On both the PC and the PS5, assess the display. Every time screen made it simple to have beautiful graphics and quick frame rates every time.

However, the one feature that distinguished each game was how vibrant the colors appeared. Every game we tried was beautiful, from the muted greens and scorching reds of Doom Eternal’s rocky hellscapes to the lush greens and blues of Age of Empires’ medieval villages. It also helped that the 4K images were clear and detailed.

It’s confusing to use the Samsung Odyssey Ark. You may adjust and fine-tune hundreds of different settings, including frame rate, color temperature, picture-by-picture displays, and more, using a variety of menus. The problem is that it’s challenging to go through all of these settings, and Samsung doesn’t provide you with valuable tools.

Using the dedicated TV-style remote, you can quickly switch to a sofa experience because the in-built processor runs the entire Tizen TV OS. This includes all the major streaming apps you may want and is identical to what you’ll find on any current Samsung smart TV.


The Samsung Odyssey Ark is the 55-inch 4K curved gaming display you need if you won’t settle for anything less. In a sea of interchangeable screens, its uniqueness makes it interesting in and of itself. The curved design restricts how many people can watch it and makes the device feel much more challenging to operate than it should, even if you can tolerate the outrageous price.

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An Overview of the Samsung Odyssey Ark Curved Gaming MonitorAn Overview of the Samsung Odyssey Ark Curved Gaming Monitor