A Great Sci-Fi Survival Somerville Game Review

Somerville game was created by a team that comprised the executive producer of Playdead’s two current masterpieces, Limbo and Inside. It is a deliciously strange, physics-based puzzle adventure game. However, it also plays very differently from previous works, with its upside-down scenario, color scheme, character portrayals, and constantly rotating camera orientation from scene to scene.

This was a welcome surprise, albeit it could be more well-polished or thought-provoking than its forebears. As a result, while the game is lovely, we will think about it for a short time after finishing it.

Premiere Date

Jumpship’s first video game is Somerville, an adventure game. As executive producer on Limbo and Inside, Dino Patti was also one of the co-founders of Playdead. The Somerville game release date was November 15, 2022.

The game was made available on –

But Somerville PS5 and PS4 consoles will also be available.

Somerville Game Developers

Patti said on June 27, 2017, that he had founded Jumpship with British film animator Chris Olsen and that they were developing a game called Somerville. The first teaser trailer for the game was released, along with the announcement. Somerville underwent early work in 2014, and after Olsen founded Jumpship with Patti serving as executive producer, the game’s development grew.

A “sci-fi action adventure that depicts the lives of significant people in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe” was how the game was advertised. Somerville, a side-scrolling post-apocalypse (video game) from Jumpship, has been developing for five years. The studio just made an unexpected announcement regarding the game’s release.


Somerville video game is an adventure game performed in the third person with platform game-like elements and physics-based puzzles, similar to Limbo and Inside. The plot is told in the game through the atmosphere, environments, and animations rather than dialogue or narration.

As an alien invasion gets underway, the player takes control of the father of an ordinary family and must lead them through various locales, some of which have alien robots and monsters patrolling them. When the father character is also touching a light source, he can interact with a strange alien substance that can instantly liquify or solidify. The father character can move around the environment by pushing open gates or pulling carts. As the game progresses, he gains alien abilities that let him interact with a strange alien substance that can be instantly liquefied or solidified when it encounters a light source while also touching it.

At least a few slightly intriguing surreal turns are taken in Somerville’s third act, which uses the psychology of the lead character to make you wonder what is real and what isn’t. But after such a difficult voyage, it’s too little, too late, and that opening boom still stands as an unfulfilled promise. In the end, the only question worth asking is whether the Somerville game was an overly ambitious undertaking that failed to realize a lofty goal or if it was never a particularly original idea.

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A Great Sci-Fi Survival Somerville Game ReviewA Great Sci-Fi Survival Somerville Game Review