The Menu: The Latest Black Comedy Horror Movie

The Menu is the latest movie directed by Mark Mylod. It is a black comedy horror film that comes with surprising content. This movie is a delicious satire depicting the snobbish exclusivity of food fascism. This movie is undoubtedly an excellent option but lacks in a few categories. Critics have given positive reviews on the cast performance and screenplay.

The Menu: The Plot

The plot of the Menu starts with a young couple, Margo (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult), waiting at the pier for a boat to go to an island to have dinner at Hawthrone. It is a restaurant run by celebrity chef Julian Slowik (acted by Ralph Fiennes).

Other guests come to the same restaurant for dinner in The Menu movie. 12 guests are coming to the restaurant to have dinner on the private island to have dinner in the restaurant. The bill per head is $1250. The story proceeds further with the guests getting enclosed in the stone building where a restaurant is situated. The wooden doors are guarded by security.

The event on the Menu soon becomes quite violent when Slowik orders one staff to kill himself, and another staff cuts one guest’s fingers. Then Slowik declares that all the guests would be killed there. As the story proceeds, the scenes and events become even more intense.

The Cast

This movie has a fantastic cast where. All the actors played their characters well. Ralph Fiennes has acted as Julian Slowik, aka the celebrity chef in The Menu film. On the other hand, there are other actors like Nicholas Hoult, Janet McTeer, Reed Birney, and Judith Light. The portrayal of different characters has made the movie quite amazing to watch. So overall, the cast of the Menu has been appropriate as they have been great in their roles.

More About the Movie

The build-up of events in this expensive restaurant on the said private island is quite intriguing. The Menu is considered quite exquisite from a technical viewpoint. An electric mix of people from different backgrounds makes the restaurant’s ordeal unique and exciting. As a viewer, you will always find yourself on the edge of tension while new mysteries are unfolded every once in a while. The depiction of violence in a creative way is correctly executed in this movie.

Ever since The Menu trailer, people have had high hopes regarding the story and plot of the movie. This movie met the standard to a reasonable extent but lacked the sucker punch. There needed to be more than the best effort from the director. The Menu release date was 18th November 2018.


The Menu is undoubtedly quite a dazzling feast for ears and eyes. The cinematography of this movie is unique, and the island appears to be quite idyllic. Not to mention the chic and sleek production design is also another positive aspect of the film. Therefore, if you are looking forward to experiencing some biting satire on the food business, you have every good reason to give this movie a shot. It is less likely that you will be disappointed.

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The Menu: The Latest Black Comedy Horror MovieThe Menu: The Latest Black Comedy Horror Movie