A Review of HP Victus 15 Budget-Friendly Laptop for Gamers

When considering a low-cost gaming laptop, the HP Victus is what you should picture. One of HP’s newest products is the Victus 15. It starts with low prices without giving up many features, and as the specifications improve, the price gradually rises. The laptop’s chassis comes in three simple colors, so it could be better.

The Victus 15 will be more challenging to fit in backpacks that handle larger gaming laptops due to its size and durability. The HP Victus 15 has a solid assortment of ports, a 15.6-inch display that performs admirably for the price with pleasing aesthetics and clarity even at high settings, and an unexpected 144Hz refresh rate.

Price and Availability

The Victus HP has an absurdly low starting price of $599. This laptop looks to have minimal availability in the UK and Australia, and we are still determining if or when it will go on sale there.

How Does It Look?

The HP Victus 15 is unquestionably what you need if you need an exterior made of sturdy material that weighs a lot. The HP Victus laptop comes with several interesting characteristics, such as water-based paint, 100% recyclable packaging, and post-consumer recycled and ocean-bound plastic in some of its construction.

The multiple ports include two USB Type-A connections, one USB Type-C connector, an Ethernet port, an SD Card slot, an HDMI port, and a combination jack. It produces a multipurpose laptop that is great for gaming and work-related applications. The display is 1080p and looks fantastic while playing on High and Ultra settings, with other graphical aspects, switched on thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate.

HP Victus Performance

The HP Victus 15 takes airflow seriously despite being a low-cost gaming laptop, with a dual-fan arrangement and wider air vent at the bottom of the device. It scarcely produced any actual heat, even over long gameplay sessions. Due to lower specifications, there will be some sacrifices in terms of gaming performance.

In the standard benchmarks, the HP Victus 15 outperformed the competing best gaming laptop brands. However, even though the computer we examined used much less sophisticated technology than other low-cost laptops, there wasn’t a significant difference between those scores.

The HP Victus 15 does well in tasks unrelated to top-rated gaming laptops. It can handle a variety of functions, including phone and video conference calls, document editing, and streaming movies. This is a beautiful choice if you’re seeking a balanced laptop.

Battery Life

The battery is the worst feature of many gaming laptops, and the HP Victus 15 is no exception. The laptop barely lasted over four hours in both of our battery tests, which is only about half of a typical workday.

Its charge time is pretty decent when using the charger that comes with it; it takes about an hour to reach a little more than 60% charged. If a USB Type-C charger is available, we advise using it because it will speed up charging time.


Even at its $799 price point, the HP Victus 15 is one of the best gaming laptops under $1,500 and can run most modern games in 1080p at high or medium settings. You must, however, make compromises to purchase a gaming laptop at this price. The webcam and speakers should be improved, and the display should be underwhelming.

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A Review of HP Victus 15 Budget-Friendly Laptop for GamersA Review of HP Victus 15 Budget-Friendly Laptop for Gamers