Slumberland: The Latest Family Friendly Fantasy Adventure Movie

Slumberland is a family-friendly fantasy adventure movie featuring Jason Momoa as a sharp-toothed horned creature. Francis Lawrence, the director of the movie, has taken inspiration and ideas from the comic strip, Little Nemo. This movie is watchable but lacks concrete content.

Slumberland: The Plot

The plot of Slumberland revolves around a young girl named Nemo (acted by Marlow Barkely) who travels through a dream world with an outlaw (acted by Jason Momoa). After her father’s demise, Nemo was sent to live with her uncle. One day in her sleep, she is awakened to a world of dreams where a human-like horned creature accompanies her on a journey. This duo then explores the fantastic fantasy world of various places and experiences.

The visuals of Slumberland were impressive, but it was too conventional. The CGI rendering could have been unique in some aspects. Many may consider it a lackluster adaption, but families and kids would find the adventure delightful. The adaption could be more ambitious. For example, some of Momoa’s flips were too cartoonish. Some more efforts were needed to make it an excellent fantasy film.

More About the Film

This is definitely one of the good Jason Mamoa movies that you should watch. But other than its visuals, it falter with its bland script. The narrative of the movie is entirely derivative and reserved. Nemo’s dreams were chaotic, boundless, and pointless as they lacked structure. The script sometimes puts excessive effort into making everything make sense rather than letting chaos reign. Nemo’s emotional and mental state was supposed to be addressed by acknowledging that dreams are not the permanent solution. It is instead just a temporary escape. Nemo’s adventure was also required to be addressed appropriately.

Comparison With Other Movies

According to many Slumberland reviews, watching this movie will surely remind you of other movies like Inception for its dream-like sequence. On the other hand, its fantasy and adventure-filed works bring up comparisons with movies like Zathura or The BFG. So the comparison with other movies is unavoidable for all the right reasons.

Not to mention, other scenes of this movie may remind me of various other movies. You can decide to watch Slumberland Netflix at your convenience. It indeed comes with adventure and fantasy.


The director Larence has surely put effort into excitingly presenting Slumberland. But that does not suffice it.  The dreamy sequences could have been made better with a unique approach. On top of that, the CGI rendering should have also been crafted with more intensity and creativity. Jason Momoa has done its job according to its reputation. From an acting viewpoint, there was little for him to do. The movie excels in its set design and visual ambition. But overall, it feels directionless and cynical. It does not come with its admirable qualities and aspects. The only thing is that it could have been better.

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Slumberland: The Latest Family Friendly Fantasy Adventure MovieSlumberland: The Latest Family Friendly Fantasy Adventure Movie