Fallout 5 – Release Delayed but Time Not Known to Anyone

For the last seven years, many talks have been going on about Fallout 5, but in the absence of any official communication from the publisher, all we can say is that the game is in the making. The anticipation about the single-player game has been growing since 2015, the last time we saw a Fallout game. Despite gamers showing so much interest, Bethesda is in no hurry to fast-track the game’s release. It’s still work-in-progress. Except for bits and pieces of occasional comments from Tedd Howard and Bethesda, no one has any idea about when is Fallout 5 coming out.

Fallout 5 – What’s the Wait All About?

Avid fans of the Fallout game series are eager to know the Fallout 5 release date. However disappointing it might sound, they have to accept that there is no official information about the release. The sci-fi game set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop belonging to the open-world RPG genre has garnered tremendous interest among serious gamers. They expect the announcement about the release of Fallout 5 confirmed anytime since the last announcement in 2018. However, their patience is growing thin because even after waiting for seven years, they are still in the dark and only hoping for the best.

Interplay Entertainment, the creator of the game, provided fans with an outstanding experience of playing an exciting and unique game. That the game still holds so much interest since the initial launch of the Fallout series in 1997 speaks volumes about the game’s attraction that remains intact.

Trailer Released by Fans

Amid growing concern about whether will there be a Fallout 5, fans took the initiative of releasing a Fallout 5 trailer of their favorite game series. It’s a unique initiative from the fans that used snippets of the project Unreal Engine 5 and interspersed some music to create what looked like an actual trailer for the much-anticipated game. Fans have assimilated their imaginations and tried to create a vision of what the game will look like while trying to give a feel of it. The concept trailer shows what the next main entry in the game would be like if made in Unreal Engine 5. Since the trailer uses snippets of the project, it lends some authenticity to the effort rather than relying on Fallout 5 rumors.

Will Fallout 5 Be Available on PS5?

Popular games ensure greater accessibility of games across various gaming platforms; accordingly, the question about Fallout 5 PS5 is doing the rounds. The game’s publisher maintains complete silence on this, and it is only left to our imagination whether the game will be available on PS5.

In the face of growing anticipation about Fallout 5, it seems ironic that the game’s publisher just announced that they will release Fallout 4 for PlayStation5 in 2023, along and even the Xbox series, during the game’s next upgrade. They even confirmed a next-gen PC upgrade for the game. The upgrades will be available free for existing PS4 owners.

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