A Perfect Gaming Chair Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody

This year, Herman Miller, famed for its high-end, ergonomic office furniture, entered the gaming market in a partnership with Logitech G. The most expensive gaming chair we’ve ever evaluated is the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody gaming chair.

When designing your battle station, you considered a gaming PC with all parts, plus monitors and peripherals and a desk. Also, you’ll need a chair. The Herman Miller Logitech chair is a very pricey, plush gaming chair. The price will often be the turning point for many people.


There’s no way about it: the Herman Miller Embody gaming chair costs a lot, as with most of Herman Miller’s goods, $1,795 in the US and £1,795 in the UK.

What is in the Box?

Take the chair out of the box by opening it up. All done.

With the Herman Miller x Logitech g Embody, there’s no need to read the instructions, figure out which screws to put on which threads, lift heavy objects, or secretly cry because you can’t find the hole underneath the seat to insert the cylinder. The chair is so cleverly wrapped that one side of the box collapses flat to the ground, allowing you to just roll the chair out without lifting it.

An Integrated Design

You’ll enjoy this attempt to swim against the tide if you’re sick of the bucket-seat design that most gaming seats feature. The Herman Miller x Logitech Embody could be more innovative, though; Herman Miller has just added that gaming flair to their standard Embody chair. Nevertheless, it’s an entirely different approach in terms of gaming chairs.

For instance, there isn’t a headrest or a head pillow, which are standard features of gaming seats. Additionally, the entire backrest includes what Herman Miller refers to as a “pixelated” Backfit design instead of a lumbar pillow or “bump.”

The backrest has a lovely and stylish appearance, but its functionality deserves high acclaim. It’s a clever method of providing the proper back ergonomics.

Both the backrest and the seat have elegant fabric upholstery that contains a small foam layer that gives all the cushioning you require, enhancing your comfort. Not that that is only part of the seat is made of. Additionally, it has a mat layer and two spring layers.

Your arms will also feel at ease. The self-skinning thermoplastic urethane foam is placed on top of both armrests to prevent them from resting on hard surfaces.

Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair Review

With its Backfit backrest design and multilayer hybrid seat, the Herman Miller x Logitech chair puts your comfort first. We have used this chair for work and play for about a month.

The fact that the height range is 16 to 20.5 inches helps ensure that it includes more people than just those who fall within the average height range.

In all honesty, its adaptability could be clearer. But much of that can be attributed to Herman Miller’s unconventional approach. You don’t have the standard controls that other offices and gaming chairs have, and you also don’t get the same flexibility.

We’ve tested this countless times, and the only way it functions is if you lift your legs a little first, hold both handles, pull them up, and then push or pull them out, depending on whether you want the extra surface area. So, even though we genuinely value the extra seat we receive when we need it, it’s also an uncomfortable and awkward way to go about things, especially on an otherwise lovely chair.


We have never experienced it as pleasant as the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody gaming chair. Since it is built around an office chair, this is the case. This isn’t for you if you’re searching for a racing-style chair with matching colors and insignia. However, we would gladly renounce that in favor of ergonomics. If people can see the chair in the stream, that’s their problem. Even while the chair does seem nice, nobody else will ever notice. The price tag on this chair is a significant deterrent to buyers: $1,495 is not a small sum.

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A Perfect Gaming Chair Herman Miller X Logitech G EmbodyA Perfect Gaming Chair Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody