Tulsa King: Sylvester Stallone on TV for the First Time

The mob murder drama Tulsa King, a Paramount Plus original series, stars Sylvester Stallone and Taylor Sheridan, as well as a TV sensation. In addition to serving as the series creator and executive producer, Terence Winter, an Emmy winner, will also serve as the show’s showrunner and writer.

Taylor Sheridan has many projects planned, with Paramount, Tulsa King show being just one of them. Check out the details below to learn everything about Tulsa King’s release date, cast, and more.


It’s evident from the Tulsa King trailer is a fish out of water. Sylvester Stallone portrays Dwight Manfredi. Manfredi, a former mafia commander who served 25 years in prison for the family’s gain, is now at large.

To repel both allies and adversaries, Manfredi aspires to build a presence in Oklahoma’s capital city of Tulsa. We got two more series teasers, each on September 7 and 13.

Which Characters are there?

In the movie Tulsa King cast, Sylvester Stallone plays Dwight Manfredi, a mobster who has just been released from jail and dispatched to Tulsa to establish his family’s activities. Dana Delany shares the primary role of Margaret with Sylvester Stallone. Garrett Hedlund plays Mitch Keller in Tulsa King. Andrea Savage exhibits her versatility in a non-comedic performance as Stacy Beale in Tulsa King.

How to Watch it?

The first episode of Tulsa King’s premiere date, a Paramount+ original, was aired on Sunday, November 13, and subsequent episodes will air on Sundays. On November 20, immediately after a new episode of Yellowstone, you may also view the first two episodes on the Paramount Network.

What is the Story About?

So, is Tulsa King based on a true story must be what you want to know!

No, In the Tulsa King series, Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a mafia capo from New York, is abruptly sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma, by his boss after serving 25 years in prison. After understanding that his mob family might not be acting in his best interests, Dwight gradually puts together a crew out of a cast of oddballs to assist him in building a new criminal empire on what appears to him to be another planet.

Where is Tulsa King Being Filmed?

On March 29, 2022, the first episode of Tulsa King filming locations was in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first season of the series was finished by the end of August, Stallone announced on Instagram.

In other words, Tulsa King is packed with people. It’s a TV show that looks like a game of Scenes from a Hat in which someone gives Sylvester Stallone advice on what to do next in a little Oklahoma town, and he follows that advice. It is captivating nonsense and muscular sophistry, a series in which one of our greatest meatheads—capable of much more than his greatest detractors frequently claim—uses two expressions and one pinky ring in various contexts and creates art each time.

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Tulsa King: Sylvester Stallone on TV for the First TimeTulsa King: Sylvester Stallone on TV for the First Time