Pentiment: A Unique Game on Renaissance Murder Mystery

Pentiment is the latest video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. This game tells a compelling and profound story about history, religion, and truth in the form of a book. As a player, you are supposed to experience the book being written. If you are into adventure games, then you must play this game.

Pentiment: The plot

Pentiment depicts the story of a traveling artist known as Andreas Maler. It tells about his time spent in Tasting, a fictional town in the ancient Roman Empire in 1518. Andreas is usually occupied with working on his masterpieces, but he suddenly gets involved in a few local mysteries and tasks himself to solve them.

In the Pentiment game, Andreas, as a game character, can effectively be customized with various personality traits and backgrounds to unlock a few dialogue options. A player can choose different Andreas with different expertise and knowledge. For example, in some cases, Andreas can be well-versed in the history of hedonism, while in some cases, Andreas can learn the law. Having these different backgrounds makes the game quite exciting to play.

More About the Game

The Pentiment gameplay is fantastic. It depicts the story in 3 different acts. Among these, two acts are regarding a murder investigation. You, as a player, will have only a few chances to solve the cases. You will be put at your edges while you may have meals with the suspects. You need to do several things to chase truth while playing this game. The more leads a player gets, the higher the chances for him to solve the murder mysteries with a conclusive ending. This game forces you to choose a culprit with the available information, and then you will have to live with the consequences of accusing him.

Pentiment review adheres to the strongest part of the game, i.e., its core theme. This game passes stories from one generation to the next one. It also shows how truth can be distorted to a great extent. The book-like aesthetic is considered the most charming quality of this game. All the characters are amazingly depicted, along with suitable surroundings. The dialogues are also properly maintained and adjusted to suit the plot. The font of this game is likely to change per the occupational and social status of the character. In this regard, the fonts are regarded as quite effective.

Most of the time, there is no background audio or music Pentiment. This may feel quite awkward for many players out there. The unique storytelling regarding the historical era is the main USP of this game. The theme of the games persists quite well. Since the Pentiment trailer was, most people did not have high hope for this game. But after the full game release, it was precisely the opposite, as it eventually astonished everyone.

The Bottom Line

If you like to play unique and different games, then you have all the reasons to go for this game. Pentiment Xbox. The unique gameplay and the fascinating historical plot have been the main highlight of Pentiment. You would be amazed to explore its unique aspects and entities as a player.\

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Pentiment: A Unique Game on Renaissance Murder MysteryPentiment: A Unique Game on Renaissance Murder Mystery