Exploring Multiversus Game Season 2 Review

The latest MultiVersus game will remind you of Nintendo Super Smash Bros, but it will be wrong to presume that multiverse tries to mimic the legendary fighting game series. However, it will be too much of a simplification to imagine that the new game merely derives inspiration from the famed Super Smash Bros, as it does much more than that. It’s true that MultiVersus is a clone of Super Smash Bros but not a MultiVersus switch. It stays closest to the original compared to several similar attempts made by many other games earlier. The new game has bright prospects as long as the developers maintain a steady flow of content. Those curious to know when is MultiVersus coming out can take heart from the fact that that game is currently available since July 26, 2022.

MultiVersus Game – Accessibility

MultiVersus is a free-to-play game, meaning you pay nothing for a MultiVersus download. The cross-platform brawler is a 2 vs.2 game playable on PC and comes with an ESRB rating of ‘T,’ meaning teens. As Multiverse follows Super Smash Bros, four players are evidently fighting it out on the battlefield to damage the opponents. That’s, in brief, about MultiVersus gameplay.

Playing The Game

MultiVersus caters to casual players and has a lot for hardcore gamers. The simple controls of the game might make it appear that playing the game is fun and easy, which it is. However, there are plenty of intricate systems within the deeper layers for anyone interested to discover them. Therefore, a little preparation is necessary to know how to play MultiVersus as a serious player. The rule of the game is that you use a mixture of natural air and special attacks to smack your opponent and increase the damage meter while preventing them do the same to you. Maintaining a low score in the damage meter makes you stronger, while higher scores will make you lightweight and susceptible to all kinds of beating that can ultimately fling you into the death zone.

The Characters

Characters in Multiverse Season 1 included Shaggy, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Taz, Iron Giant, Garnet, Steven Universe, Jake, Reindog, Finn, Velma, Arya Stark, Bugs Bunny, Harley Quinn, Tom & Jerry, and LeBron James. Some characters are free, while you have to buy others for around $7, equivalent to 7000 Geranium. However, the value of the characters is expressed in Coins.

As the game progresses, new characters enter the fray, and in Season 2, we will see Marvin the Martian added to the list. It will be a playable character; players can even think about dressing in the Marvin the Martian costume. 

Although Pictures of Marvin the Martian splashed across the review sites are sounding its arrival, it’s not clear when players would be able to play the character. They can check out the Season 2 Battle pass of the MultiVersus game for more information.

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Exploring Multiversus Game Season 2 ReviewExploring Multiversus Game Season 2 Review