Skull and Bones – A Combat Game Set during the Golden Age of Piracy

This review of Skull and Bones draws information from news and gossip doing the rounds for a long time as the game makers keep deferring the release date. After multiple delays through the years, the much-awaited game will release in 2023. Yet, we keep our fingers crossed until there is some official announcement. As of now, Skull and Bones are a multiplayer game that is also playable solo. The game revolves around a shipwrecked pirate who the players can transform into a pirate legend by applying their gaming skills. Players can use tons of customizations and engage in epic on-the-sea battles between various ships.

Strangely, the game’s name resembles a secret society founded in 1832 at Yale University that published an annual roster of Skull and Bone members.

Skull and Bones – About the Game’s Platforms

The recent sneak peeks into the game showcase point to the Skull and Bones release date of March 9, 2023. After a close look at the game, it now becomes clear that the Skull and Bones PS4 game will also be playable on PC and Xbox Series X and Series S. This is a big deviation from the initial announcement of the game’s release in 2018 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The frequent changes over the past five years underscore the development troubles that the game has undergone.

The Gameplay in Brief

Ubisoft, the maker of Skull & Bones (video game), attempts to build the ultimate pirate experience. You will start as a poor shipwrecked soul on an outpost left to fend for yourself without any available human help. The game’s structure resembles survival games as you gradually enhance your capabilities and even gather infamy to turn into a dreaded pirate. The Skull and Bones gameplay focuses on the pirate’s growing capabilities, who eventually builds and controls a great fleet and battles it out with other players in his quest to conquer the Indian Ocean.

Although the game’s setting might have similarities with other games like the Sea of Thieves, the Skulls And Bones game emphasizes combat, resource gathering, crafting, and ship customization.

The Game’s Setting

The game is set sometime between the 1650s and the 1730s, known as the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’ when pirates held the center stage in global maritime history. The actions take place in the Indian Ocean, which the publisher describes as beautiful yet dangerous. The game’s design will make you feel like a deadly pirate who is the ship’s captain and controls all the functions, such as crew management, navigation, and combat. The format is comparable with the naval sections in Assassin’s Creed 4 but with a history of 9 years of liberation behind it.

With the help of three types of Skull and Bones ships – Navigation, Cargo, and Firepower you will try to build a fleet of ships that keeps you prepared to face any situation or execute contracts in your bag.

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