Samsung Q80B: An Impressive TV for Gamers

If you are looking for a high-quality mid-range QLED TV, then Samsung Q80B is the best option available in the market. It comes with exciting features and functionalities. Let’s explore more about this model in detail.

Samsung Q80B: Design

Samsung Q80B is heavier than other Samsung models. It weighs 53 lbs without the stand and 62 lbs with it. It can be wall-mounted via the VESA option.

The backside of this TV is made of plastic and has a simple look. The stand of this model is metal, which offers excellent support to the device. There are slim bezels at the front of Q80B. Its SolarCell remote is good and the layout is the same as the previous one. It has no batteries but comes with a solar panel on its back and a USB-C charging port.


Samsung Q80a vs Q80b comes with a true 4K quality display. The Direct Full Array is Samsung’s QLED technology that makes your 4K experience immaculate. This panel technology is one of the best in the market. The colors displayed on the screen while you watch something on this TV feels amazing. The profound black levels are flawless. Smart Calibration is also an excellent feature. With it, you can utilize your smartphone’s camera to calibrate this TV’s display.


The setup of this TV is likely to be relatively fast and smooth if you use the Samsung SmartThings app. This app works on both Android and iOS platforms. The solar cell remote works perfectly. All you need to do is pair the remote with the TV first, and then you can use it by following the on-screen instructions. You should sign up for your Samsung account and link the TV to the account. Overall the whole setup process is simple.


There are exciting features that you are supposed to get exciting features with this Samsung full-array TV. Such features are Dolby Atmos, Real Depth Enhancer, Object Tracking Sound, Game bar, Ultrawide GameView, Ambient Mode, etc. Each of these features is unique and distinct, enriching your experience.

There is a Samsung Q80B manual that you should go through to know this TV’s various features and functionalities. During setup, this manual will certainly work as a guide to help you in the best way possible.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of this Samsung TV has been vastly improved. You can explore other Samsung Q80B reviews to gather other aspects of the sound like Q-Symphony sound, SpaceFit, Object Tracking Sound, etc. Sound clarity makes the experience quite enjoyable for the viewers. The audio is also considered to be one of its positive aspects.


The performance of this TV is excellent, despite being loaded with features and specifications. This is precisely amazing for gamers as the audio video comes with clarity. No frames are dropped while playing games. So overall it is a good Samsung TV.


If you want an amazing Samsung QLED TV with ultimate features, then going for Samsung Q80B will undoubtedly be a great option. This model has everything you can wish for in this price range. This is a mid-range TV, but it works pretty amazingly. There is hardly any cons to this model.

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Samsung Q80B: An Impressive TV for GamersSamsung Q80B: An Impressive TV for Gamers