Rogue Legacy 2 Game – A Sequel to 2013 Roguelite Platformer for the Modern Era

The original Rogue Legacy, created by Cellar Door games in 2013, was a defining moment when PC gaming became feasible again. Rogue Legacy 2 is a sequel and not a bad game at all.

Rogue Legacy 2 – Game Overview

In this game, the player’s decisions have consequences in each run that question which person will be the heir. The decision asks players to choose the weapons, playing style, and traits they prefer. Several combinations are available, and each character has no repeat build. This is the most vital aspect of Rogue Legacy 2.

The fun of all these characters is about the various options and the different ways they play out. Rogue Legacy 2 handles the choices well, giving the players options throughout the game duration. A new game starts with characters having similar swords or weapons with them. By the time the game ends, some weapons completely break the player’s understanding of the game in terms of traversal and combat. These are the most defining and vital moments in Rogue Legacy 2.

The Rogue Legacy 2 upgrades are about skill castle and repeated adventures through the kingdom and upgrading the castle between each run.

If you want where to find all the Rogue Legacy 2 scars, you need to pass Estuary or the boss to unlock trophies from particular challenges and get Souls to buy permanent bonuses. The various scars test your skills in dealing with enemies with restrictions. To access the challenges, you must find the corresponding Scar in specific Rogue Legacy 2 scar locations. There are 16 Rogue Legacy stars in locations like the Mending Erebus, where you defeat any estuary and progress to different levels until you get the next Scar. Doing well on scars will help to get trophies and soul stones that can be used in the Soul Shop above the Erebus.

There are 11 Rogue Legacy 2 armor sets, each unique and providing bonuses for different playstyles. The armor sets are unlocked through the Blueprints and purchased from the Blacksmith.

More About the Game

One will encounter Rogue Legacy 2 missing bodies when crossing the Axis Mundi Area. It is considered a feat if you can overcome Rogue Legacy 2 on all its default settings. However, this is not all for if you keep playing long enough, you will come across the Rogue Legacy 2 mysterious key.

The Rogue Legacy 2 switch is available on Nintendo with all its fabled heroes and on the Xbox series, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and   Linux. It is available on PlayStation 3 and 4, but one has to wait for the Rogue Legacy 2 PS5 console to be released.

Here are some Rogue Legacy 2 tips for beginners:

  • Get familiar with new powers
  • Earn money by investing in skill tree unlocks
  • Unlock job classes
  • It is dangerous to get a gold bonus
  • Check out the Heirlooms first
  • If required, walk away from a combat
  • Utilize House Rules if necessary


Rogue Legacy 2 is an expansion of its previous version in every way. The engaging narrative and still enjoyable descendant system make up for the frustrating higher-skill ceiling.

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Rogue Legacy 2 Game - A Sequel to 2013 Roguelite Platformer for the Modern EraRogue Legacy 2 Game - A Sequel to 2013 Roguelite Platformer for the Modern Era