Introducing Beyerdynamic’s Free Byrd Earbuds, the Industry’s First True Wireless Earbuds

Beyerdynamic arrived very late to the genuine wireless earbud party, but as the phrase goes, better late than never. The Beyerdynamic name should become as well-known in the actual wireless market as it is in all other areas of the headphone industry with the arrival of the Free Byrd active noise-canceling earbuds.

But in the end, the Free Byrd just missed the mark. Read the rest of our Beyerdynamic Free Byrd review below to learn more.

Price and Availability

The current retail price for the Beyerdynamic earbuds is $249. They are available for direct purchase from Beyerdynamic’s website and through UK distributor Polar and online retailer Amazon.


It’s challenging to design a product that must be small, light, and discrete to look or feel upscale, mainly when form follows function closely as it does wireless earphones.

However, the “twist-to-fit” feature of the design is highly effective, and at least Beyerdynamic appears to have given some thought to Free Byrd’s ergonomic features. They are sufficiently sweating and water resistant for use in most activities thanks to the IPX4 rating, which indicates they are not overly picky about the circumstances in which they are used.

Free Byrd Performance

Each earbud in the Beyerdynamic wireless uses a 10mm full-range dynamic driver to transmit sound. By current standards, that is a rather large item and produces a reasonably large presentation.

The Free Byrd offers a roomy, distinct listening experience with plenty of vigor and drive. The bottom end burrows deeply and strikes strongly in an analog, grinding and squelching. The treatment on some voices is audible, and there is an excellent pocket of space in the midrange for the vocal strands to exercise their muscles. There is no lack of force, but the top end is slightly rounded off, making the overall presentation seem harsh.

The Free Byrd is competitive in noise canceling without ever posing a threat to the class leaders. They are excellent at handling low-frequency sounds and effectively reduce wind noise, although higher-frequency outside sounds frequently get through.

Battery Life

The Beyerdynamic wireless earbuds can run for approximately 11 hours with ANC off; with ANC on that time decreases to more like 8; the case is supposed to carry about two more full charges.

The Beyerdynamic is compatible with SBC, AAC, and aptX Adaptive codecs and uses Bluetooth 5.2 for wireless networking. Even if you stray quite far from your source player, The Free Byrd maintains a strong wireless connection that is difficult to break.


The Beyerdynamic Free Byrd has a lot to recommend when used alone, not the least of which is its robust, up-for-anything attitude and bouncy, vibrant overall sound. However, there is no such thing as “isolation” when it comes to devices like these, and for this amount of money, one can get higher fidelity, noise-cancellation, and pride of ownership elsewhere.

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Introducing Beyerdynamic’s Free Byrd Earbuds, the Industry’s First True Wireless EarbudsIntroducing Beyerdynamic’s Free Byrd Earbuds, the Industry’s First True Wireless Earbuds