Sifu Review: An Addictive but Brilliant and Nuanced Game

A  Sifu review reveals that it is not a Sifu game PS4  or PS5 fighting game but also a lesson in risk and reward. It is a stylish and intelligent single-player action fight where every kick, pinch, dodge, or parry banged on its contentious opponent matters.

The intelligent thinking old, school arcade type of game that beats up adversaries coolly and effortlessly inspired by the many kinds of Chinese martial arts.

Is Sifu Worth it?

Many gamers want to emulate Jackie Chan in real life and in the movies. This childhood dream became a reality with Sifu. Sifu’s review reveals how the game is a fine combination of the classics, the integration of modern style, and its unique twists that make it so passionate.

In the beginning, Sifu may appear slightly off to the users. The user may appear to be the main villain who goes to a Kung Fu school with four of his best friends, kills everybody they run into, and gets out of there. One of the victims in the rampage happens to be the main character. The protagonist has a magic talisman that brings the dead back to life. As guessed rightly, they spend the rest of their lives training in kung fu to take revenge. After eight years, the time comes for revenge by hunting down the five assailants.

Sifu Game Review


  • The game has excellent potential for replays
  • The graphics are gorgeous
  • The brilliantly balanced learning curve


  • Limited scope for varieties in enemy
  • A single play through are on the shorter side


  1. Sifu game release date – February 8, 2022
  2. Platforms – PS4, PS5 and PC
  3. Game Developer – Sloclap
  4. Game Publisher – Microids
  5. Sifu game price – $39.99 on Amazon
  6. Sifu ratingThe game is rated highly, with a score of 80% or more in several reviews.

In the game Sifu, the player ages every time after he dies. The player reincarnates on the spot, rising from the ashes. However, it turns a young 20-year-old into a 75-year-old with too many drunk missteps. After each death, the death counter jumps up a notch two, meaning that subsequent deaths can lead to the loss of more years depending on how many times one is killed.

The player becomes stronger with age; the hands of time slow down things as it happens in real time. Every tactic is juggled here; the player commits to defensive a defensive action and considers each action that will determine the future.

Sifu Review – Past Life the Main Narrative

The player’s past is what drives the narrative in Sifu. After watching his father murdered in cold blood by a former protégé, the player swears revenge on Yang, the Gang leader, and his crew of agents.

Sifu Review – Final Thoughts 

This Sifu review reveals Sifu is a single-player game and adopts a more fluid approach with its unlockable special moves and XP skill tree. Twenty-five of these moves can be mixed, matched, and unlocked within each game’s five locations on a one-off basis.

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Sifu Review: An Addictive but Brilliant and Nuanced GameSifu Review: An Addictive but Brilliant and Nuanced Game