Call of the Night: The Latest Vampire Romance Anime is Intriguing

If you are a fan of short anime series, you must watch Call of the Night. This latest release, aka Yofukashi no Uta in Japanese, is another manga adaptation. Compared to other anime, this certainly comes as an unusual anime with its unique storyline and character design. If its genre has to be categorized then it should be supernatural urban fantasy romance. In short, it is a vampire romance anime.

Call of the Night: The Plot

The plotline of Call of the Night revolves around a middle school student named Kou Yamori. He finds it difficult to understand love. Unable to associate with social norms, he quits school. Instead, he starts wandering on the roads at night as he is unable to sleep.

While wandering on streets at night, he encounters a strange girl named Nazuna Nanakusa. The girl asks Kou what brings him to the streets at this late hour. Then she advises him that he cannot feel at ease until he lets go of his inhibitions. Then she offers to help Kou and invites him to her place. While sleeping beside Nazuna on the bed, Kou realizes something is off but pretends to sleep. Then Nazuna proceeds to bite him and reveals her true self. She tells him she is a vampire and wants to suck on his blood.

Surprisingly, Kou was not surprised at all after hearing this. He thinks he will become a vampire after getting his blood sucked out. So in expectation of getting free from the agony of human life, he lets her suck on him. But he does not become a vampire and remains a human after getting blood sucked on. Then Nazuna tells him that he will only become a vampire if he first falls in love with her, and then lets her suck his blood.

Upon hearing this, Kou says he will fall in love with her so that she can make him turn into a vampire. And from there, the story propagates even further. Not to mention, the inclusion of other characters makes the Call of the Night anime quite interesting.

The Characters

The cast of this anime is relatively small. So there are few Call of the Night characters as this anime is primarily for teenage viewers but older people can still watch it. Kou Yamori, the protagonist of the anime, is a teenager. The other leading character, the vampire Nazuna Nanasuka, despite her teenage look and appearance, is not possibly a teenager. Being a vampire, she must be at least a few decades old. This anime’s central plotline is the bonding and relationship between these two. They do not have a typical romantic relationship but are unusually close and intimate.

Apart from these two, there are a few other characters, like Mahiru and Akira, who happen to be Yamori’s friends. Moreover, there are few vampire characters from Nazuna’s side. In addition, Anko, the private detective who kills vampires, is an essential character in Call of the Night anime. Call of the Night anime release date was 8th July 2022.

Art and Animation

Art and animation is the best thing about this show. Dark and bland colors have been ideally used to exhibit the nightlife of this anime. LIDENFILMS has done an excellent job in this department. They have made the best use of smattering purple, blue, green, and gold, along with all the colors. It makes the screen illuminating and vibrant.

Final Thought

So if you are looking forward to watching the latest anime with a unique plot and fantastic animation, then Call of the Night is the best option. This 13-episode anime would not be something you have ever watched. Its unique entities and tropes make it worth a watch.

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Call of the Night: The Latest Vampire Romance Anime is IntriguingCall of the Night: The Latest Vampire Romance Anime Is Intriguing