Star Ocean the Devine Force Review: The Latest Sci-Fi Action Game

Star Ocean the Devine Force review, is the latest release from the Star Ocean game series by Tri-Ace. Compared to previous games of this series, the Devine Game gets better reception from the players. This game is about combat and exploring the sci-fi genre with action-focused and engaging gameplay.

Star Ocean the Devine Force Review: The Pros and Cons

Among the pros, Star Ocean the Devine Force includes engaging activities and balanced combat mechanics. On the other hand, the players also get to enjoy excellent movement and exploration with its extensive post-game content. The voice work of this game has been great too.

Despite the pros, the doll-like stiff characters may be off-putting for hardcore gamers that like real-like graphics. It has a poor targeting system and average ally AI. But the other good aspects of the game help overlook these flaws. Compared to other Star Ocean games, this game returns with significant improvement.

The Plot Surrounds Dual Protagonists.

As per Star Ocean the Devine Force review, this game has two protagonists. You can either start playing with Laeticia Aucerius or Raymond Lawrence. Lawrence is the captain of a merchant vessel named Ydas. His spaceship gets attached by the Federation, due to which he crash-lands on some faraway planet called Aster IV. The inhabitants of this underdeveloped planet do not know the existence of worlds beyond stars.

Laeticia is the princess of Kingdom Aucerius at Aster IV planet. She and her accompanying knight, Albaird Bergholm, set off on a secret journey to prevent conflict with the neighboring country. There Laeticia and Raymond unite to save the cosmos from a bigger threat. This plot may seem repeated to many gamers, as similar stories have been used in many other games over the years.

Character Design

The character design is the best and worst part of the game. The approach to designing the characters is good, but the characters could be more developed and easier to relate to. The design in this regard is similar to fantasy RPG stereotypes. Star Ocean the Devine Force characters have too artificial-looking aspects that may make the gaming experience mechanical.

Combat and AP Meter

As far as combat is concerned, it has a simple RPG action fair. All the characters have unique and distinct attack skills that they can perfectly utilize by consuming a certain amount of AP. The combat style is centered on AP management. But these characters do not have regular attacks which consume AP. Due to this reason, the combat at times may feel limited. Once you run out of AP, you must huddle in the corner to recover it quickly. But you can swap the characters to keep the momentum going.

The Duma System

The Duma system is of its distinctive compared to previous franchise games. There is an in-game flying orb using which you can perform various actions. This is the best among Star Ocean video games.


You can explore other Star Ocean the Devine Force reviews, and you will know this game is a good action sci-fi game, certainly a lot better than the previous games of this franchise. But there is still much room for improvement, especially in the character design segment. The Duma system is the best reason to play this game for Star Ocean enthusiasts.

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Star Ocean the Devine Force Review: The Latest Sci-Fi Action GameStar Ocean the Devine Force Review: The Latest Sci-Fi Action Game