Return to Monkey Island: The Popular Adventure Game Returns with a Bang

The latest game of the Monkey Island franchise, Return to Monkey Island, returns with engaging gameplay. It has been around 30 years since the first game of this franchise, the Secret of Monkey Island, was released in 1990. Ron Gilbert was the creator of this game. It became substantially popular at that time. The following year, in 1991, Gilbert released the next part, Monkey Island 2L LeChuck’s Revenge. The following year, he left Lucasarts, and the supposed trilogy of the game went down like a sunken ship.

Return to Monkey Island: The Plot

The original creators, Don Gilbert and Dave Grossman return with Return to Monkey Island with an even more adventurous experience for the gamers. The plot of this new game franchise revolves around the protagonist of the game, Guybrush Threepwood. The story proceeds as he returns to his home island after so many years. Guybrush sees that a lot has changed on the island, and his old foes and friends have gotten involved in different plots. In this situation, he is to utilize his ingenuity and wit to defeat foes, solve puzzles and ultimately discover the secret of Monkey Island.


The return to Monkey Island release date was 19th September. Its gameplay is quite similar to previous games of the series. You, as the gamer, are to control the protagonist Guybrush Threepwood from the third-person perspective as he proceeds to explore different locations and solves puzzles.

Return to Monkey Island 2022 is divided into five chapters. These chapters come with plenty of challenges you have to solve to proceed further into the game. The puzzles are clever and thought-provoking. The storyline is brilliant as it is amazingly thought-out, which makes it feel like the continuation of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. The best thing about this game is that you would become surprised at every turn while playing this game. The in-game journey from a gamer’s viewpoint always remains interesting. This is why you never get bored of playing this adventurous game.

Right from when Return to Monkey Island new trailer was released, enthusiasts had high hopes regarding this game. If you get stuck while solving a puzzle, you will get smart and contextual hints that improve your gaming experience. After the final release of the game, the gamers are now satisfied that the Return to Monkey Island trailer is in line with the actual game

Inventory and Interaction

You will know from this Return to Monkey Island review that this game has all the entities you will ever need as a gamer. There are enigmatic puzzles, the right amount of humor, eccentric characters, and whatnot.

This latest game’s inventory system is different from previous versions. A gamer needs to interact effectively with characters and items. Rather than the standard point-and-click interface, gamers can manage the in-game items in a more streamlined process. Do not worry, as you will get help and guidance.

Characters and Sound Design

Both the start and Return to Monkey Island ending have been great. The sound design of this latest game mixes classic and modern tracks to set the right tone. The voice-acting is also excellent as each character presents something unique with their voice.


Whether you are a Monkey Island fan or like adventurous games in general, then playing Return to Monkey Island would be a fantastic experience. It has everything that a gamer seeks in an adventurous game, such as unique characters, unexpected gameplay, great action, and more. So choosing this game would be quite an experience. It has both quantity and quality that quenched your gaming thirst.

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Return to Monkey Island: The Popular Adventure Game Returns with a BangReturn to Monkey Island: The Popular Adventure Game Returns With a Bang