Everything You Need to Know about Quantum Knights

The first gameplay footage and screenshots for the “stylish and dynamic third-person shooting action” game Quantum Knights, which was first announced in April 2021, have been made available by LINE Games and the game’s creator, Space Dive Games.

The twentieth chapter of Power Rangers Grid Masters is titled Quantum Knights. Rory Jones as Power Rider Sabela and Randy Jones as Power Rider Durendal make special appearances. The Rider Gadget and Q-Raider make their debuts in this episode as well.

Premiere Date

The PC version of Quantum Knights’s release date is expected to be sometime in 2023. Players can enjoy the third-person shooting action of the game while completing the numerous objectives and quests in a fantastic fantasy open environment. Each weapon has a distinct design and talent in Quantum Knights, which players can gather and upgrade to create to suit their playstyles

Quantum Knights Trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Quantum Knights, an online third-person looter shooter game for PC that is currently being developed by Space Dive Games and will be supported by LINE Games, was released today as part of LINE Games Corporation’s announcement that it had participated online in Europe’s largest video game exhibition Gamescom 2022.

The gameplay video shows warriors in heavy armor using weapons and spells to dispatch foes. It also shows several gameplay components, such as interacting with the environment to eliminate several foes and clear a path


Quantum Knights gameplay states that players can take pleasure in the game’s third-person shooting action while performing many tasks and quests in a fantastic fantasy open-world scenario. Each firearm in Quantum Knights has a distinct design and skill, which players can gather and improve to create their fighting style. Quantum Knights offer stunning action based on the shooter game’s dynamic combat and movement principles, set in a mediaeval fantasy open world where magic and weaponry coexist. Also, the game Quantum Knights PS5 is supported.

The player can customize the character’s specialization and fighting style by carving magic circles into each of the firearms included in Quantum Knights, each of which has a distinctive design. Quantum Knights, which LINE Games intends to release in 2023, already has a dedicated teaser website and social media channel where interested players can get a sneak peek at it.

Developer of the video game Quantum Knights, LINE Games Corporation is a subsidiary of the popular messaging app LINE. By purchasing NextFloor, a company based in Seoul, Korea, which has been creating and supporting acclaimed mobile games since 2012, LINE Games, a leading game developer, and publisher, became established in August 2018.

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