Ezviz C6 Review – An Advanced Security Camera that Gives Users Complete Peace of Mind

A glance at the title of any Ezviz C6 review tells a lot about the goodness of the Ezviz security camera that can oversee an entire room from corner to corner and from the floor to the ceiling.  And it can do it regardless of the positioning of the camera due to its ability to pan through 360 degrees. That the camera has a mechanical tilt control is an added advantage for wider and complete coverage of any space. The pan and tilt features are unique in addition to a host of AI-enabled features that add more punch to the Wi- Fi-operated device. The latest model of the Ezviz camera includes many smart features that people are already using at home. This makes the Ezviz camera system easier to handle, which enhances the user experience because of more convenience to users.

Ezviz C6 review – Availability and Price

C6 is the latest model of Ezviz CCTV camera that hit the market in March following the announcement about its release in late 2021. The camera with black housing is available only in white color.  The camera is currently available in online stores like Amazon for $129.99, which was the price at the launch too. So, that’s all about the Ezviz CCTV camera price for the latest C6 model.

An Advanced 2k+ Security Camera

If you think the 2k+ feature puts the Ezviz indoor security camera ahead of other cameras in the category, you are highly mistaken. It’s only one of the many advanced features packed in the C6 Ezviz camera that grabs the headline. The spherical-shaped camera has an array of AI-powered tools which not only facilitates surveillance but also helps to set up a communication system with your home. Besides the camera’s ability to pan 360 degrees mechanically, it can even tilt through 133 degrees which is unique. It’s easy to install the camera because you can simply leave it on a shelf or position it on the wall or ceiling with the help of the accompanying mounting hardware.


The wired C6 Ezviz security camera measures 3.93×3.93×3.80 inches and weighs 11.46 oz. It comes with a speaker and is capable of setting up two-way communication. Equipped with a MicroSD card with up to 256 GB storage backed by EZVUIZ cloud, the camera has 2.4/5 GHz WI-Fi connectivity and Ethernet. The camera has a 4MP resolution that goes up to 2k and includes many AI-powered features pet and human shape detection, voice activity detection, and waving hand detection. However, the camera isn’t weatherproof, meaning it’s an Ezviz indoor security camera.


The Ezviz security camera controls are highly user-friendly. After installing it, you need to download the EZVIZ app to complete the setup. Besides panning and tilting the camera mechanically, you can mute it, access the microphone to set up two-way communication, and zoom the live view eight times.

Before ending this Ezviz C6 review, the dual storage system – local and cloud, helps the camera claim the top spot.

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Ezviz C6 Review – An Advanced Security Camera that Gives Users Complete Peace of MindAny Ezviz C6 review reveals that a combination of advanced technology and superior features help the security camera occupy the top spot.