Garmin Forerunner 955 – A Terrific Fitness and Sports Watch With Plenty of Customization Options

Maintaining the tradition of producing some of the best fitness watches, the makers of Garmin watches released the Garmin Forerunner 955, another best. The watch looks rugged, chunky, and good without being too imposing and performs brilliantly to live up to its reputation. Besides tracking your health metrics accurately, the Garmin 955 presents information so comprehensively that you can use the data to augment your training protocol for improved fitness and health. The watch has excellent GPS tools emphasizing running and cycling, cautioning about the inclines ahead and helping them navigate confidently across challenging terrains. The display is attractive and intuitive, with turn-by-turn navigation and full-color maps. The Forerunner 955 can access Garmin’s multi-band GNSS that supports GPS with deft accuracy.

Garmin Forerunner 955 – Two Versions Released on the Same Day

For the records, the Garmin 955 release date is no more of any consequence as we all know that on the same day in June 2022, Garmin reused two versions of the Forerunner 955 – solar and non-solar. Instead of stressing much about the Garmin Forerunner 955 release date, it’s enough to know that the Garmin 955 was released within six months of Fenix 7.  As it ought to be, the Garmin 955 solar is costlier at $599, while the non-solar fitness variant costs $499. No matter your choice, you can be sure of getting one of the best running watches.


Although Garmin 955 comes with a touch screen which usually remains disabled in all sports watches, Garmin ensured that the watch has the signature five buttons too. You will find three buttons on the left side, and two are on the right-hand side for operating the watch without using the touchscreen. Garmin respects the user’s decision about using or not using the touch screen, as evidenced by the buttons. Although the 64-bit color display is not as bright as the AMOLED displays of other Garmin watches, it does not affect visibility even in direct sunlight.

Both versions’ screen sizes are 46.5mm, and the Forerunner 955 weighs 52 and 53 grams, respectively, for the non-solar and solar versions.

Sports Features

The Garmin 955 has a wide range of sports features. It can track your activities when you are running, on an indoor bike or treadmill, swimming in a pool or open water, as well as when you are playing golf, hiking, climbing, skiing, and engaging in various other sporting activities. You can customize all the sports modes on the watch, and the Garmin connect app. From your smartphone, you can configure the watch whichever way you want, from menus to data screens. The health and fitness features of the Forerunner 955 are equally impressive, but the most impressive is the GPS features that help the watch become the best in the category.

The battery life of both the solar and non-solar Garmin Forerunner 955 watches is good and ranges between 15-20 days in Smartwatch mode.  However, with all systems on, the battery lasts 8.5 hours for both.

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Garmin Forerunner 955 - A Terrific Fitness and Sports Watch With Plenty of Customization OptionsGarmin Forerunner 955 - A Terrific Fitness and Sports Watch With Plenty of Customization Options.