The Valiant Game – A Knight’s Journey of Redemption and Brotherhood

The Valiant game is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that embarks you on a journey of redemption and brotherhood. The Valiant is a throwback to the time when as a kid you highly enjoyed games set during medieval times with the whistles of arrows and crossbow bolts, the clash of swords and shields, and knights in steel armor. The game makers have set the game in 13th-century Europe and the Middle East, with knights clashing in a display of extreme bravery. The game is available in three formats – a single-player game that allows the player becomes a crusader, a 3-people squad mode, and traditional PvP RTS.

The Valiant Game Storyline

Although the Valiant release date was October 19, and many people are aware of the details, there are still many more people interested to know what the game is all about. Of course, they would also like to know about the Valiant gameplay. Although the Valiant game release date has passed, the game was released on PC but would be available as the Valiant PS5 game, too.

The game’s story is about the adventures of Theoderich Von Akenberg, a former knight who comes back into action after 15 years of hiatus. Unable to come to terms with the madness and cruelty of war, Akenberg had given up arms, but circumstances drove him again to take up arms. A chance to meet his former comrade Ulrich Von Grevel and the duo stumbling on the Rod of Aaron, an ancient artifact, brings Akenberg back to action. They embarked on a journey to search for the missing pieces of the Rod of Aaron, which was not meant for human possession, making them highly obsessed with it. Malcolm, a young monk aware of the mysterious powers of the rod, confirms that any attempts to find the remaining pieces to rebuild the rod could prove catastrophic.

Playing the Game

For this article, we will talk about the single-player game. You follow Akenberg, the crusader who tries to stop the mad reign of one of the Holy knights corrupted by the curse of an ancient relic and engages in slaughtering the people of the Middle East. The Valiant game 2022 comprises 16 missions, and each level has mini-objectives you come to know about after unlocking them. You can replay the game at any level to master it. As you progress through the levels, you meet your heroes enlisted during your quest unlocking new abilities and equipment for them. You can decide which heroes you want to take to the battlefield and induct a few (2-3) mercenary squads for accompaniment.

Although the game does not have anything unique, it feels varied because of the variety of mission setups and the use of different locations, making the Valiant game quite enjoyable and engaging. Tactics are at the forefront of the gameplay as you will focus on smaller engagements rather than building bases. To ensure victory, you must focus on adequately managing each squad.

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The Valiant Game - A Knight’s Journey of Redemption and BrotherhoodThe Valiant Game - A Knight’s Journey of Redemption and Brotherhood