The Diofield Chronicle: A Fast-Paced Combat Game With Generic Story and Underdeveloped Characters

The DioField Chronicle is the latest strategy role-playing game. Square Enix and Lancarse have jointly developed it. This game is set in a fantasy universe. The players are to meet a ragtag band of mercenaries with grand aspirations. It has various aspects, including party customization, a unique combat system, and visuals. Its occasionally rough edges and flawed characters are cons.

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The DioField Chronicle has excellent ideas and concepts on display that hook the players to it. But the execution is only sometimes at its best. The story may seem generic to some and solid to others, depending on one’s choice, preference, and prior experience with RPG. Overall, DioField can be considered an exciting game that you must play if you wish to experience some unique experience with gaming.

The Plot

Let’s explore the plot of this game through the DioField Chronicle review. The plot surrounds a mercenary group named Blue Foxes. Blue Foxes are working under duke on DioField, an island nation. This nation is rich in Jade which comes with magical properties, making it the main target of enemies of other continents.

Two warriors named Fredret and Andrias are the protagonist of the story. They are joined by Iscarion, an errant king, and Waltanquin, a descendant of nobility. The story mainly revolves around these four individuals of Blue Foxes. The story further depicts how they rise to power and its political intrigue.

The Characters

These four characters are the heart and soul of the game. A lot of drama is involved in their journey to rise to power. The tale describes how these four come together and effectively deal with tension and chaos to reach their goals. The characters of this game have nicknames for each other which add a sense of familiarity to them.

The DioField Chronicle characters have been designed rough and tough. A clear lack of empathy and emotion is visible in these in-game characters. So in this segment, these characters lack the content.

The Combat Style

The DioField Chronicle release date was 20th September. The main USP of this game is its unique combat style. There are a few types of battles. While entering the battlefield, you may have to perform an escort mission, defend someone, or defeat foes.

Four characters are the focal point of each battle. Every character has the option to use a supporting character during battle. While you are to select battle movements or skills, the game pauses, providing you some time to think. You can also set up unique skill combos as and when needed. On the other hand, your enemies are also allowed to utilize powerful skills. So the combat becomes exciting and competitive for the gamers.


The DioField Chronicle may seem different to different gamers. It has both pros and cons. The visual is good, but it could be better. The best thing about this game is undoubtedly its combat style. The underdeveloped characters are negative aspects of the DioField Chronicle. Nevertheless, the choice and preference will undoubtedly vary from person to person. So you must play this game at least once to judge how the game is.

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The Diofield Chronicle: A Fast-Paced Combat Game With Generic Story and Underdeveloped CharactersThe Diofield Chronicle: A Fast-Paced Combat Game With Generic Story and Underdeveloped Characters