The JLab JBuds Air Pro – Sports Buds with Great Sound at an Affordable Price

The JLab JBuds Air Pro attempts to do a lot while staying within its price range and becomes a versatile pair of earphones. This is a flexible option for folks who need a daily vehicle for work, exercise, and leisure because it has Bluetooth multipoint, IP55 water and dust protection, and be aware mode. The bass-heavy frequency response degrades sound quality, but if you love bass, you might still appreciate it.

The JLab JBuds Air Pro replaces the JBuds Air, one of our favorite inexpensive wireless earbuds. The original’s bass-focused sound, robust design, rapid auto-connect functionality, and small charging case with an integrated USB cable are still large in these copies.

JLab Air Pro Price

The JBuds Air Pro is only available on the JLab website and costs $60. They are only available in black. A charging case, three sets of various-sized gel tips, a user guide, and a two-year warranty are all included in the box

Design of the JLab Earbuds

These buds have the same appearance as their predecessor and every other JLab model with an oval shape. Also, much has stayed the same in terms of aesthetics. The entire frame is durable black plastic with an IP55 rating for protection from sweat, dust, and water. In other words, the JBuds Air Pro can endure a lot of harm, including heavy spills on concrete or severe wetness.

JLab’s willingness to program each set of buds with a complete set of media controls is something we’ve always valued. Not only do you receive fundamental functions, but also more sophisticated ones that are deftly placed on both buds. The input techniques include single, double, triple, and lengthy taps.

JLab Wireless Earbuds Review

The JBuds Air Pro features the three-EQ proprietary EQ3 Sound mode found on all JLab wireless earbuds and has a pleasant sound profile. Depending on your chosen music, each mode can be directly activated on the earbuds and alter the sound for better or worse.

You can get JLab’s audio burn-in utility from Google Play or iOS. The burn-in process is playing music or static for several hours to improve audio quality. As of now, it has yet to be determined whether it will work. Be aware if you’re interested in trying it.

Good noise isolation made it possible to listen quietly in locations with little outside noise. Conversations on the speakerphone and talk in the living room were muffled. High-frequency noises frequently broke our focus.

JBuds Air Pro Battery Life

For affordable wireless earbuds with long battery life, JLab remains the industry leader. The JBuds Air Pro has a 9-hour battery life and a 36-hour charging case capacity

Final Verdict

Most of JLab’s inexpensive wireless earbuds are frequently more of the same. While the JBuds Air Pro follows in its siblings’ footsteps, the addition of Bluetooth Multipoint and Be Aware Mode gives it enough of a unique edge to stand out as one of the best products the brand has to offer.

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The JLab JBuds Air Pro - Sports Buds with Great Sound at an Affordable PriceThe Jlab Jbuds Air Pro - Sports Buds With Great Sound at an Affordable Price