It Starts with Us – Colleen Hoover Narrates a Story Of Hope, Growth, and Love

Colleen Hoover, the author of many best-selling romance novels, is back with her latest novel ‘It Starts with Us.’ October 18 was the It Starts with Us release date, and the book is on its way to becoming another best-seller. The latest novel is a sequel to her earlier best seller, ‘It Ends with Us.’ Therefore it would be logical to pick up the threads from where the author left the readers of ‘It Ends with Us’ before discussing It Starts with Us Colleen Hoover summary.

As ought to be a sequel, the new novel revolves around the same central characters of the earlier novel, namely Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid, a highly ambitious neurosurgeon with a mercurial temperament. Lily found it extremely difficult to abide by Ryle’s no-dating policy, which forced her to rekindle the thoughts of her first love Atlas Corrigan, who had been out of sight since they grew up.

It Starts with Us – Lily’s Search for Iove.

The story of It Starts with Us Colleen Hoover opens against the backdrop of the separation of Lily and Ryle, who had just settled into a co-parenting arrangement almost a year after the last book ended.  Although the It Starts with Us book rarely delves into the past except for some letter writing and journal reading, readers can still get some loose ends tied that they were longing for. Readers know what happened when Lily and Atlas were caught by her dad while locked in a room and how Atlas and Lily landed in the same city many years later.

The new novel satisfies readers seeking justice for Lily who suffered immense abuse at the hands of the ill-tempered Ryle, as finally, Lily could come out from the disastrous marriage that drained her emotionally, mentally, and physically. Readers are happy that Lily could stay safe despite Ryle still being in the picture. The story takes a dramatic turn after two years of Lily’s separation from Ryle when she becomes ecstatic about suddenly meeting Atlas, who asks her on a date.  Lily grabbed with both hands the opportunity of resurrecting her lost love with both hands and agreed promptly.

 A Thorn in the Neck

Although Lily could distance herself from Ryle physically and escape the abuse, she could not sever her links with her ex-husband completely.  The knowledge about Ryle being still a force in Lily’s life dampens her initial excitement of reuniting with Atlas to start a new life. Lily knows how intensely hateful Ryle would be on seeing Atlas Corrigan getting close to his ex-wife and daughter.

The story progresses by switching the perspectives between Lily and Atlas as readers learn about Atlas’ past since detaching from Lilly as a teenager. The story follows Lily as she tries for a second time to find true love while dealing with a jealous ex-husband.

It Starts with Us proves again that Colleen Hoover knows the art of skillfully delivering the perfect recipe for emotional best-sellers while leaving readers asking for more.

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It Starts with Us - Colleen Hoover Narrates a Story Of Hope, Growth, and LoveIt Starts with Us - Colleen Hoover Narrates a Story Of Hope, Growth, and Love.