Shokz Opencomm UC: The Ideal Headset with Barely-There Fit for You

Shokz Opencomm UC is a headset perfect for users who are always on their video calls or phones. The open-ear and lightweight design are one of its main features. Mic quality and comfort are considered two of the other qualities. Not to mention, it comes with so many other exciting features and functionalities.

Shokz Opencomm UC: Design

The thin and comfortable design of Shokz Opencomm makes it one of the most sought-after headphones. The look of it reminds you more of a silhouette of a headset rather than an actual headset. It does not have any ear pads or ear cups. So nothing goes in or covers your ears. It comes with small earbuds-sized transducers that sit in front of the ears. This whole thing is covered in matte black, soft silicon for a modern look.

There is a boom mic sitting on the left transducer. Moreover, there are two buttons and a charging port on the left side behind the ear. But the charging port is not of the USB-C type. The buttons are used to control power, volume, and pairing. In its design aspect, comfort has been primarily emphasized. The thin headband of Shokz Opencomm UC does not even touch the back of your head. It has Bluetooth and a 2.4GHz wireless feature. You can connect either or both of these as per your requirement.


But this headphone has decent sound quality. Rather than listening to music, it is better suited for attending or video calls due to its high-quality call sound. AfterShokz Opencomm microphone quality is a lot better than its sound quality. The voice comes through clear and cloud. The mic effectively eliminates background noise.

The battery life could be more spectacular, but it could be considered decent. You can use this device for 16 hours straight on a single charge. One can talk for 2 hours on the Shokz Opencomm UC bone conduction stereo Bluetooth wireless headset.

Shokz headphones are a decent wireless headset per all its features and specifications.

Verdict: Should you go for it?

You may want to know whether you should go for Shokz Opencomm UC. It comes down to your needs and requirements. Suppose you want to listen to music or watch movies, then his headphone is less likely to be a good option. It would be better for you to talk to other users of this device before deciding.

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Shokz Opencomm UC: The Ideal Headset with Barely-There Fit for YouShokz Opencomm UC: The Ideal Headset with Barely-There Fit for You