Modern Warfare 2 Is a Reboot and a Sequel That Rekindles the Interest in the Series

Turning stale is the biggest threat to any long-running game series, and to overcome the problem, rebooting is a much-practiced option, as evident in Modern Warfare 2.   Rebooting is a time-tested technique to help the series regain momentum, as it happened for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.  To understand what prompted the rebooting, you must look back at the fate of Call of Duty: Vanguard, released in 2021. Although Vanguard was one of the most successful games, it was a commercial disappointment because the narrative tended to become cliché. To rescue the franchise from impending disaster, the makers preferred its reboot and presented COD Modern Warfare 2 in 2022.

Modern Warfare 2 – Single player review

Committed Call of Duty fans could access the game a week before the official MW2 release date of 2022 on October 27. Access was given to those who pre-ordered the game. Activision, the game makers, took the early access route for promoting the game, touted to be the best of the series. The mission’s design and storytelling seem unable to create a strong impression.

Although Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is a reboot of the 2019 Modern Warfare series, it resembles the 2009 inspiration instead of the 2007 original. As much of the game is set in Mexico, it’s not the same as the inspirational series, but many set pieces and the broad strokes of the plot have enough resemblance to the 2009 version.

It seems odd that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 remains obsessed with bringing missions from Modern Warfare to life, although the reboot didn’t go in for fan service of that kind. The levels draw inspiration from the Clean House and Crew Expendable and the iconic All Ghillied Up and Death from Above.

Launch Times of MW2

Here is the schedule of the launch times of MW2 that provides the answer to those who want to know when MW2 comes out. The global release of COD Modern Warfare 2 was October 28, and the time zones across the world are as under:

  • October 27, 9 pm – PDT
  • October 28, 12 am – EDT
  • October 28, 5 am – GMT
  • October 28, 6am – CEST
  • October 28, 1 pm – JST
  • October 28, 3 pm – AEDT

Missions List

Here is something interesting for those who want to know how many missions are in MW2. There are 17 missions in the game – Strike, Kill or Capture, Wetwork, Tradecraft, Borderline, Cartel Protection, Close air, Hardpoint, Recon by Fire, Violence and Timing, El Sin Nombre, Dark Water, Alone, Prison Break, Hindsight, Ghost team, and Countdown.

Open the Safe

You will find the safe next to the microwave just in front of you. You should use the MW2 safe code 37-60-80 to open the safe in Mission Alone and lay your hands on a crossbow and a throwing knife.

However, the safe locations and codes are different for different missions in Modern Warfare 2.

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Modern Warfare 2 Is a Reboot and a Sequel That Rekindles the Interest in the SeriesModern Warfare 2 Is a Reboot and a Sequel That Rekindles the Interest in the Series.