Sony Announced Three New Playstation Plus Games for November 2022

By now, Playstation blog followers know the titles of November 2022 Playstation plus games. Only those aware of the current Playstation plus games list will find all relevant information from this review. Sony announced that In November, it would release three new games – NIOH 2, Heavenly Bodies, and Lego Harry Potter Collection. From November 1, these games would be available to all Playstation subscribers. If you are already a Playstation Plus subscriber, then there would be Playstation Plus free games for you. More specifically, these games would be available to subscribers of Playstation Plus premium, Playstation plus Extra, and Playstation plus essential who are using Sony’s PS54 and PS5 gaming consoles. If you don’t know what is Playstation plus, then let it be known that it’s the name of the subscription scheme for playing games on Playstation.

Let us take a sneak peek into the new PS plus games.

NIOH 2 – One of the new Playstation Plus Games

PS fans can well remember the Soulslike game, released in 2020 and created a lot of excitement and attraction.  The release of NIOH 2 will bring back the happy memories of Soulslike because the new game is a sequel to the 2020 game. Set in the backdrop of the supernatural world of Japanese legend, the players would assume the roles of samurais or Japanese fighters of the yesteryears who are ready to confront the Yokai warrior, a supernatural being. NIOH 2 is the first of the three new Playstation plus games. During the game, players can unleash deadly weapons and get the better of their enemies while driving them to death with the help of a revamped combat system. Moreover, players can transform into complete Yokais possessing supernatural powers capable of unleashing unimaginable terror to defeat their enemies.

Playstation 4 owners will access the game’s standard version, while PlayStation5 owners can access the re-mastered version.

Lego Harry Potter Collection

Listed at No.2 among the new Playstation plus games for November 2022, Lego Harry Potter is a package of two classic titles. The game is an amalgam of Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Lego Harry Potter: Years – 5-7 re-mastered. According to Sony, the game derives its entertainment factor by taking advantage of the creative aspects of Lego and the ever-expanding world of Harry Potter. Harry embarks on an exciting journey filled with magical elements of potion-making, spell-casting, duels, puzzle-solving, lessons, and more.

Heavenly Bodies

The game derives inspiration from the marvelous feats of space explorers and researchers over the years. The game depicts some stellar scenarios about exploration in outer space as gamers can take complete control of the astronauts while using both thumbs craftily to operate the console.  Players would feel like being present at a scientific research station in space alone or with a friend while roaming about and pushing, pulling, and clambering in a simulated zero-gravity space environment.

Playstation plus games have always stretched players’ imaginations and skills, and the new games are no different.

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