Here’s What You Need to Know About a Plague Tale Requiem’s Release Date and Gameplay

With its high level of polish, moving story, and spooky rat-infested ruins, A Plague Tale Innocence was one of the most widely praised independent games in recent years. Now that a Plague Tale Requiem is finally available, it promises to significantly improve upon the original by adding new activities and a day-one Game Pass release.

The game will be fantastic with the new gameplay and story components. A Plague Tale Requiem review, release date, and other information are updated here.

A Plague Tale 2022 Release Date

A Plague Tale Requiem was made available on the following platforms on Tuesday, October 18, 2022:

A Plague Tale Requiem Price

The prices for pre-orders on the following platforms and merchants have been digitally verified:

  • Xbox Series X|S costs $ 59.99
  • PS5 costs $59.99
  • Nintendo Switch: $59.99
  • Steam: $49.99
  • GOG: $49.99
  • Shop Epic Games for $49.99
  • Microsoft Store: $49.99

A Plague Tale Requiem Cast      

Action-adventure stealth video game A Plague Tale Requiem was created by Asobo Studio and released by Focus Entertainment. Fans adore the game’s narrative, which is currently available. Players have commended it for many qualities, including gaming criticisms.

The voice actors are one of the factors that contribute to this game’s quality because they have given the game’s meaning a completely new interpretation. We shall introduce the voice actors and cast of A Plague Tale Requiem to players in this guide.

  • Amicia – Charlotte McBurney
  • Hugo – Logan Hannan
  • Beatrice – Lucy Briggs-Owen
  • Arnaud – Harry Myers
  • Sophia – Anna Demetriou
  • Count Victor – Alistair Petrie
  • Countess Emilie – Ellie Heydon
  • Vaudin – Anthony Byrne
  • Joseph – Ruben Crow
  • Milo – Joplin Siptain

Is a Plague Tale Worth it?

Is a Plague Tale good gameplay?  A Plague Tale: Requiem’s gameplay is excellent so far. Although it has been improved to add new weapons for Amicia, like the crossbow, it is identical to the first game. Hugo can now command vast hordes of rats to attack adversaries, thanks to the development of his powers. Hugo’s improved ability to detect opponents nearby is one significant change. He accomplishes this by using the rats’ olfactory sense, which allows him to “feel” foes through barriers. Using this skill, you can sneak, set up traps, and get killed. The most recent A Plague Tale Requiem gameplay we witnessed came during the Focus Showcase for the game, which went in-depth on the sequel’s plot and gameplay changes.

The first game’s emphasis on stealth appears to be maintained in its sequel. Smoke bombs and other instruments, as well as decoys, are frequently employed. Amicia still clutches Hugo’s hand and leads him through enemy groups as they hunt. Since the conclusion of A Plague Tale: Innocence, Amicia’s talents have undoubtedly advanced, making stealth kills appear to be much more terrible.

A Plague Tale Requiem game’s overview trailer delves into greater detail regarding the game’s mechanics, characters, and what to anticipate from the gameplay and plot.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About a Plague Tale Requiem’s Release Date and GameplayHere’s What You Need to Know About a Plague Tale Requiem’s Release Date and Gameplay