Reviews of Lego Bricktales: The Puzzles Inspire Your Imagination

Lego Bricktales is the kind of game that, to me, as a kid, was revolutionary. Despite being lifelong fans of Legos and having our first set in our hands, we’ve always believed that the flexibility of expression and creativity that these beautiful little bricks provide in the real world are frequently either purposefully ignored in video games or are done so unintentionally.

As was the case for many iconic Lego games from the 1990s, it’s typical gold when a game embraces that perspective. We finally got one of these games in Lego Bricktales, and it’s fantastic.

About the Lego Bricktales Switch Game

Building LEGO is one of the best ways to spend a day. It’s immensely satisfying to watch a collection of plastic bricks come together to form a grand design in a manner that digital representations haven’t always been able to match.

Therefore, unlike most previous LEGO games, which gained fame as comedic action-platformers with third-party tie-ins, LEGO Bricktales adopts an entirely different strategy. It does away with the well-known characters and cooperative combat in favor of a unique narrative and building-based puzzles. Even when battling the camera or completing enigmatic mission goals, it’s different from building LEGOs, but it comes very close.

Lego New Releases for October 2022

A fresh round of LEGO kits is now accessible from a frequently bewildering array of merchants because it is a new month. Read on to see what new sets will be available in October 2022 and where to find them because we have the exclusive information-

1. Razor Crest

This enormous Razor Crest set, which is only now accessible to VIP members of the LEGO Store, is a serious treasure. The spacecraft of the Mandalorian is a 6,187-piece model that is stunning. You will enjoy this massive build if you pull it off. On October 7, this set will become accessible to non-VIPs. But once more, there is no excuse for not enrolling in the VIP program.

2. Lego the Office

This great LEGO kit is based on the adored 2000s series The Office and follows pieces based on sitcoms like Friends and Seinfeld. Along with plenty of Easter eggs, it includes 15 minifigs. Only Walmart and the LEGO Store carry this one, and Walmart ran out during the preorder period.

3. Lego Super Mario

In this LEGO set, Mario’s dangerous antagonist is big and formidable. It is widely accessible and has a very poseable King Koopa. The plumber figure also allows digital interactions with the LEGO Super Mario starter set.

4. Lego Black Panther

In recent years, LEGO has released masks and statues of iconic figures from pop cultures, like Batman and Darth Vader. But those are more compact sets. This life-size Black Panther bust is a genuine conversation starter that you can display on a shelf because of its size.

5. Lego Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar, which broke all box office records a few years ago, is about to see a major resurgence in the public’s consciousness. LEGO Avatar sets are now available to go with the theatrical re-release and forthcoming sequels.


Lego Bricktales is a beautiful journey that gives new life to what a LEGO game can be, so it’s a shame that it sometimes gets in its way. Building brick constructions on the screen is almost as enjoyable as doing so in real life. The licensed LEGO adventure games will always have a place, but LEGO Bricktales is a nice change of pace that we would like to see more of.

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Reviews of Lego Bricktales: The Puzzles Inspire Your ImaginationReviews of Lego Bricktales: The Puzzles Inspire Your Imagination