Gotham Knights Game: The Latest Superhero Game to Go For

Gotham Knights game is the latest superhero game released on Xbox Series S/X, PS5, and PC. Including Court of Owls was undoubtedly a good thing to create necessary hype for the game. This game provides the first-ever open-world Gotham City entry since Batman: Arkham Night was released in 2015. The developer of this game is WB Games Montreal.

Gotham Knights game: Gameplay and controls

The plot of Gotham Knights is the aftermath of Batman and Jim Gordon’s (Commissioner) deaths which put Gotham City into shambles. The other members of Bat-family suit up to restore order in the city.

The free-flow combat technique of this game requires you to put extra attention to ensuring timed dodge while playing this game. The erratic camera movement could be problematic while you leap from one opponent to another. So it is better to disable the motion blur feature for your convenience. As per many players, this game could be better optimized on PC. So you can expect a minor stutter. The Gotham Knights release date was 21st October 2022.

The general movements of the characters of the Gotham Knights game are super-sensitive. At times, there is a high chance for a player to get stuck at edges or corners. You need to take a few steps back to reposition yourself in such a condition.

In case of a ranged attack, you may end up spamming a button to inflict a small dose of damage. This can be eased by accessing accessibility settings. Your preference and convenience can thus adjust the gameplay to some extent.

On the other hand, you can also configure a button’s precision aiming to cursor alignment early properly. It is better to use colorblind mode instead of holding and dragging the mouse. Not to mention, there is also the ‘Movement Smoothing’ option that a player can use as and when needed.


As far as graphics are concerned, the fans of this game have had high expectations ever since getting the first Gotham Knights news. Compared to its previous version, the graphics of this game is definitely better. The moody lighting includes a helpless tone of Gotham City. But the character art design is in contrast with its surroundings. The characters’ costumes look vibrant and catchy but could certainly have been better. The illumination is consistent in two things: cutscenes and scenes within Belfry. In this regard, the preference may differ from gamer to gamer.


The performance of the Gotham Knights video game is decent according to many gamers and reviewers. If you play this game on a PC, you should have high specifications and features to support its high-end graphics. Your system has an excellent specification to avoid an endless barrage of unpolished gameplay. Overall, most gamers have a positive outlook toward Gotham Knights 2022.


Whether or not you should go for Gotham Knights game depends on your preference. For example, if you love superhero games, you should give them a shot. The graphics are, no doubt, great. The gameplay and control are also considered reasonable if you ignore some glitches here and there. The combat ability and movements of the characters are also enjoyable. So you have to make the decision. Overall, it is a pretty decent game.

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Gotham Knights Game: The Latest Superhero Game to Go ForGotham Knights Game: The Latest Superhero Game to Go For