Focal Bathys Review: Now Equipped with Noise Canceling and Wireless Technology

This is a Focal Bathys review, the company’s first closed-back dynamic driver headphone equipped with Bluetooth 5. The Focal Bathys are more than deserving of their illustrious past. Along with the high-quality wireless audio, connect the USB-C cable in DAC mode.

The Focal Bathys is not the French audio company’s first attempt at making attractive headphones; the Focal brand produces some of the greatest over-ear headphones we’ve ever had the pleasure of donning. But the Bathys is pricey, and this is Focal’s first venture into wireless headphones.

Focal Bathys Release Date and Price

You can purchase the Focal Bathys now. These are currently available. Focal headphones’ price starts at $799.

Focal Bathys vs Sony

Trade-offs and compromises are unavoidable in speaker and headphone design. The Sony WH-1000XM5 aspires to achieve this goal, but it will not in any way be everything to everyone. This is by design. Soon, we’ll say more about it. Mainly when measured against the Sony WH-1000XM5 and Bose QC45.

Second, is the $799 price tag for the Bathys reasonable? Absolutely, yes. Do they offer double the value of Sony’s $399 WH-1000XM5 headphones, which are superior in noise cancellation but fall short sonically?

Focal Bathys Headphones: How They Look

These cans are unquestionably a lovely set when worn, but the buttons appear flimsy. The magnesium and aluminum combination feels a little weak rather than robust, and the genuine leather headband, despite being well-padded, does click a little bit when used, which affects the overall enjoyment with time. However, the build quality here screams costly jewelry.

Although Bathys mirror the current trend away from cans with foldable cups, its foldable shape allows the ear cups to rest flat and fit neatly into the included carrying case. Although the comfort levels are excellent, we find the on-ear buttons are fragile and inconsistent when in use.

Focal Bathys Review

We won’t go so far as to state that the Bathys are the best-sounding wireless headphones we’ve ever tried because judging sound quality is subjective. However, we don’t hesitate to admit that they are by far our particular favorites. The Bathys also have some of the most articulate, accurate treble we’ve heard from a pair of wireless headphones. It wasn’t easy to imagine we were using Bluetooth to listen. The Bathys’ onboard DAC was used for the wired digital connection, and that’s when we noticed how much better the Bathys might sound with a better signal.

The Bathys’ ability to resolve intricate brass overtones and the natural grit of reed instruments like the saxophone and clarinet is what we find most endearing about their sound. The bass has a slight hint of extra warmth, and the transparent midrange and the treble are masterfully balanced. If the Bathys’ performance has a flaw, it’s that they very loudly point up any shortcomings in your streaming audio files.

Final Verdict

Our study of the Focal Bathys review reveals that Focal’s entry into the booming market for premium Bluetooth headphones isn’t entirely unexpected, given its position at the high end of the wired market. Neither is the success of its initial endeavor. For anyone looking for mobility and convenience in a high-end pair of headphones at this price, the Bathys is strongly recommended.

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Focal Bathys Review: Now Equipped with Noise Canceling and Wireless TechnologyFocal Bathys Review: Now Equipped With Noise Canceling and Wireless Technology