Taking a Look at the Microsoft Teams Phone System Review

Microsoft Teams Phone System integrates PBX capabilities with automated call controls in the cloud. Having a solid phone infrastructure in place is crucial if your company depends on taking incoming calls from clients or keeping team members in touch across multiple locations.

Moving a company’s telephony system to voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) can seem daunting as many firms transition from private branch exchange (PBX) to VoIP.

To determine if Microsoft Teams is among the top VoIP services for your company, we will walk you through its features and capabilities in this study. We have a specific Teams review for the video conferencing functionality, so this isn’t an evaluation of the complete Teams platform.

Microsoft Teams Phone System Pricing

If you want to use Microsoft Teams as a phone system, you need one of the three enterprise plans in Office 365. Businesses will need to buy additional licenses to use Microsoft phone system pricing with E1 ($10/month per user) and E3 ($23/month per user). However, for users of the E5 plan, this is included.

There are four different Microsoft calling plans pricing available-

  • Domestic calls for 120 minutes
  • 240 domestic call minutes
  • Domestic calls for one and a half hours.
  • Whatever you reach first, 1,200 domestic minutes or 600 foreign minutes.

You can add communication credits and a recharge mechanism for cloud-based telephony for extra services.

Microsoft allows you to use direct routing to stick with a preferred, local PSTN provider if you cannot use Calling Plans or do not want to for whatever reason

Microsoft Teams Phone System Review

Businesses may access phone queues, voicemail, call forwarding, transferring, auto attendants that can be set for office hours, after-hours, and holidays, call parking, call blocking, group call pickups, and call delegation through the Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Presence is one of Microsoft Teams’ key features. An individual user’s real-time availability is displayed by Presence, giving users a quick visual reminder before parking or passing calls to co-workers.

Functionality for sophisticated calling criteria, such as those that a call center may need, is one feature the system needs to include. The three default call distribution arrangements are the most sophisticated hunting groups or ring sets that may be created.

There is no native call recording feature, and while there are workarounds, there are currently no third-party apps that can do this

Team Phone System Interface and in Use

All platforms have access to the Microsoft Teams UI, which is exceptionally simple to use, especially for companies that already use Teams as standard.

Some planning is necessary to guarantee that new users can start off on the right foot when using Teams. Setting up user groups will be simpler if you audit the personnel at your firm and the various departments, roles, and teams before installation.

For instance, an administrator can set up a telephone hunter group to call all sales lines if a sales agent’s phone isn’t picked up after a specified number of rings by grouping each sales personnel into a group.


The simplicity with which Microsoft teams phone system users can switch to VoIP is a significant benefit. It’s also perfect for companies who want to grow in the future because buying more user licenses can be done quickly.  However, the system has several drawbacks and is not recommended for companies that need more intricate phone arrangements. Additionally, if your company uses telephones a lot or wishes to utilize alternative solutions for other elements of your business operations, which requires paying for multiple subscriptions, buying the licenses and call plans can soon pile up.

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Taking a Look at the Microsoft Teams Phone System ReviewMicrosoft Teams Phone System simplifies the transition from PBX telephony to VoIP telephony and consolidates communications into one place.